Wednesday, January 06, 2010

It's Wednesday?
Is it spring break yet?!?
I think I should resolve to be a better morning person...
but I'm not sure you can become that...aren't you just sort of pre-set?

insert Office quote here... alright, don't mind if I do...

I’m an early bird and a night owl. So I’m wise and I have worms.

I am not good with mornings.
I totally snapped at Jared yesterday, and had to apologize after school.
My favorite was "yeah, you totally cussed and screeched at me"
Hello my name is teenage-exaggerator.
I was snatchy though, so I said sorry...
because that's what I do.
Kinder gentler me you know.
I did not cuss...
and screeched?!?...whatever....I do not screech.

Cole's birthday is coming up and I can not think of anything to get the boy.
Add to that is the fact he will only say he "wants to move" for his birthday...
to move.
Colin of course thinks I placed this lovely gem in his mind...
which I didn't.
Thank you very much.
green rainbow resolution #2...
"I want to be more supportive of my husband's career...even if that means staying here"
it's mildly amusing to me that Colten has taken over my plight.
No...I mean...It's not at all amusing...
it's horribly naughty...
I still don't know what to get him for his birthday.

someone won't let the poor child move...
on his birthday...
I won't mention any names.
Sup-por-tive that's meeee....

What other randomness do I have?
It's way chilly cold here.
My pipes are doing their very best at trying hard to freeze.
The boys are holding out hope that they won't have school the rest of the week...
The weather had said 2-4 inches...
I think that's been downgraded to a light dusting...
You never know's Arkansas...anything is possible.
Any. Thing.

And because I know you're all sick of me only talking about a certain amazing
(hyphenated to one word)
I shall refrain.
Even if it does cascade delicious chocolate like a waterfall.
I will not mention it...
Even if chocolate covered strawberries might be my favorite thing ever...
I won't dwell ...


what is this photo of?Hello gorgeous Frye boots on my feet.
You do not produce chocolate
I adore you the same.
Let's instead dwell on my boots.

My new boots and my new lens were two of my favorite presents this Christmas.
I returned my lens though...
so we will just focus on the boots now.

Actually truth be told,
I pretty much had decided not to focus on photography after Christmas...
for a multitude of reasons,
most involving my frustration with everyone else having great equipment,
and me not.
(sad pitty party for one please)
then I read this quote...

“We were taught that the most important thing a young photographer can do is learn how to see. It wasn't about the equipment we were using. I don’t remember being taught any technique. A camera was only a box that recorded an image.” -Annie Leibovitz

and perhaps.
just perhaps...
I will take a few photos in 2010.
with my little camera.
and it's little lens.

while wearing some pretty fabulous boots I might add...


essie said...

nice boots, momma!!

and the snapping (photog, not momster) is something that comes to you like riding a bike.

you're a natural...big lens, teeny lens, instamatic.
all good.

now, the boylie, maybe a nerf marshmallow gun? highly exciting for sibling interaction
with the added benefit of
never having impaled ear stress!

we are also big fans of the voice changing helmets: bumblebee, optimus prime, "Captain Rex" clone trooper.

everyone in the house will randomly put one on and walk around talking like an autobot/clone trooper.
it's pretty fantastic

(btw: you=awesome)

you don't screech, you gently remind the teenage-ness of their spot on the food chain...
it could be worse,
could be teabagging
the littler littles.
which is seriously


sarah said...

LOVE the boots. hot.
and that you embraced my idea for hyphenating chocolate-fountain ;)


gabbyfek said...

you said snatchy
is my favorite word
you forgot the blanket of deliciousness which ev still misses and thought was his.

gabbyfek said...

and what essie says.
you are absolutely, completely, 100% a natural and INSANELY talented photographer, whatever equipment you use.
seriously, lady.
you could take pics using one of those fisher price cameras and they would amaze me.

pakosta said...

love the boots!
why did you return the lense?!
get coley a gift card to B&N!!! Mr. book boy would love that!!!
I love all your photos, so go take some! you better FOCUS on taking some pix in 2010! we have some scrapping to do LOL!

pakosta said...

and ditto what they all said about your natural-ness with photos, you are good and don't even KNOW IT!!!

pakosta said...

p.s. sometimes I am crabby in the a.m. too and i am so NOT A morning person! t

pakosta said...

and just cause I thought you might like one more comment, have you started the book yet?!

Missy said...

the boots!! the boots!! I LOVE THE BOOTS.
But I'm sure you know this already :)

I think we're on the same photography page..
but my pictures are actually NOT GOOD.
You, have talent ;)