Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Forgot to post this yesterday...

Last week when we got our quarter inch of snow,
and our snowday...
Tara emailed me some photos of the snow in Canada...
which suffice it to say had us beat.
Snow up to the rooftops...
Which made my boys jealous...
and they were quick to announce they wanted to "move to Canada!"

Jack "I want to move to Canada! They have SNOW...and Canadian bacon!"
Colten "What's Canadian bacon again?"
Jack "Its like the same thing as ham, but it's flimsy"
Colten "hmmm....flimsy ham.....sounds good"

Snow and flimsy ham.
Two very good reasons to move anywhere I think...


gabbyfek said...

that = hilarious.
canadian bacon.

pakosta said...

they are soooooooo FUNNY!
and my mom was so funny emailing me those snow pix trying to make herself feel better because of the snow they get in UPPEr MI!!! funny!


sarah said...

mmmmm. flimsy bacon.
sounds very appetizing ;)

essie said...

oh my stars
was a funny for the ages!!