Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cameron: "I got all medieval on the florists."
Mitchell: "Cam, I heard you on the phone, you said you were displeased, but that's hardly going medieval."
Cameron: "Excuse me, I said very displeased and I used my cowboy voice."

-Modern Family

In case there was any question:
If you tell a teenager they have to go stand downtown
next to their little brothers
who happen to be sporting matching ts
& flowers are involved...
you will in fact get that look several times.
(and he used his cowboy voice)


I've been a bad blogger lately.
times two.

Jared is taking his drivers test tomorrow.
(How unbelievably insane is that?)

I have nothing planned for dinner.
(that is not insane, that is pretty normal)

I have no idea when we're going to have time to have dinner tonight.

I can't find the boy's vaccination records.
They're here somewhere.
Ok. I maybe made up some dates for J's school physical form this morning.
Whatever...he's had them....
I'm pretty sure...

I'm homeschooling the little boys in the fall if we're still in Arkansas.

Jack would like to be homeschooled now.

I had my teeth cleaned today, and now I have a headache.
(I always get a headache after)

Jared gave himself a black eye by running into the back of his friend's head in the hallway at school the other day...
He said I shouldn't put that on the blog.
Umm...if you give yourself a black eye because you do something silly...
it will always end up on my blog.
(He also refused to let me take a photo...he's no fun in his old age)

Colten's birthday is next week.

I was tempted to make him an 11 shirt.
I refrained.

I sort of wanted to buy him an 11 shirt.
I refrained.

I really want to be funny and add a little Jonas Bros into the party theme...
I'm guessing I will not be able to refrain...

Coley will likely give me the above look.
(and use his cowboy voice with me)


pakosta said...

oh goodness, I love your boys!
they are super funny and super cute...I can't believe COley will be 11 already! that's crazy! perfect age difference for Savannah and him though HA HA HA!
I can't wait for us to homeschool TOGETHER!! yay! I HOPE you stay there!

pakosta said...

OR move to OHIO and still homeschOOL! whatever works!

essie said...

holy hot mess-
oh my stars.
not telling pres
who has been having fits over NOT being able to drive over here
(he can get his license in the states but isn't allowed to drive in germany until he is 18)

coley is NOT 11
no way
no how.

(by the by, i had preston wearing a football jersey with the # 11 on it, he was clueless and i loved it!)

what's going on with school?
and my verification word: shirted
go get an 11 jersey