Tuesday, January 26, 2010

we be partying tomorrow...

foam ball +
mini cupcake liners +
hotglue gun +
MarthaStewartLiving =
funky birthday party decor


pakosta said...

whoa girlie! You sure are going party crazy, coley has got to LOVE YOU! I love how you make those boys feel special!

lisa truesdell said...

that is awesome. i might need some of those - it's a fun twist on the girly tissue paper balls that are eve-ry-where. =)

sarah said...

okay, that is the coolest thing ever! i love martha. and you for making your kids birthdays so special!

essie said...

this is scha-weeeet!
and i am going to try one!!!

birthday love to the coley!!!

gabbyfek said...

holy COW
this is awesome.

NeverEnoughTime said...

I LOVE this party decoration!!! very cool