Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Week In the Life Day 2 - Tuesday

If I had to sum Tuesday up in one photo... the photo above would be the one I'd choose.
What is that?
THAT is the handle from my microwave.Jared would have you believe his brute strength was to blame.
I know better, and the handle was close to coming off...J just yanked too hard.
It gets better...
While I'm on the phone with Colin telling him about the microwave now being a huge selling point in our kitchen...
I finished mixing Jared and Jack's oatmeal...
Jared took the bowls to the table,
and inadvertently scooted the bowl to an already whiny Jack a bit too hard
causing some milk spill out on the table and on Jack's arm.
Jack, apparently offended by this, reached over and dumped Jared's oatmeal in his lap.
(I know, right?)
Jared outraged by this
picks his brother up...
and throws him on the floor.
This was not well received by Jack....That was the first 30minutes I was awake.
Some mornings are like that I guess....
In a less extreme way.

SO excited I'm documenting THIS week.
(said with oh so much sarcasm)

Took the hoodlums to school...
Came home to see that Jared had at least put the oatmeal soaked clothes on the washer
and not on the carpet in his room,
where I assumed I'd find them.
Small things make me smile.Day 2 of rain.
Dark. Gray. Days.
Makes my house feel like a cave. Kid you not.
(And for the record...Tara, I need you to come teach me to shoot in horribly dark indoor light...because clearly, I. do. not. know. how. Please excuse the crappy photos. Oh, and in RAW too...I mean while you're here and all. Ha.)From about 9am-2pm. I had a computer induced nervous breakdown.
(Yes. My hair is in fact a hot mess)

And I ate lots of these...Because I'd like to gain the 18lbs I've lost back.
In one day.
Cranberry Raisinets. OH. SO. GOOD.
(Although I'm not sure why they're called Raisinets. They aren't raisins, they're cranberries....they should be cranberrets)
And the rain rain rain came down down down....and made my house even darker.
Colten "Mom, one time today between one time and another time it was POURING!"
One time between one time and another time...?!?
Excellent.I love seeing Old Baby laying around...
I get a small glimpse of babyhood.

Picked my three up from school, took them home, made a grocery list and went to the store.
(Something I had intended on doing during the of many things I intended on doing)I couldn't find paper. Yes. I used a Dwight notepad. I also used that pad to write a note to Colten's teacher today. Pretty impressive, huh?

Soccer cancelled.
Cincinnati chili for dinner....
perfect night for it.

By far my favorite quote from the day.
Jack "Mom! Did you shine my sheep yet?"
I looked at Colin...."Did I shine your sheep?!?"
"Nooooo.....SHIiiiiiNE my SHEeeeeeET"
"Oh, SIGN your SHEET? For school?"
Expanders = Sometimes amusing.

We are currently still reading The Lightning Thief.
The boys LOVE this book.
Ok, I won't lie...I'm enjoying it too.Top Chef on the dvr.
Son's of Anarchy.
and then Bedtime.


tara pollard pakosta said...

I would love to teach you how to shoot in RAW, but first I have to find my program to get the darn pix out of RAW before I can show you how to do it!!! LOL! oh and how to shoot in dark conditions also. crank your ISO up high, put it on manual and put your F stop as low as it can go (f2.8 or f1.4) and your shutter speed slow also, so it stays open longer, hold your breath, don't shake. if all else fails, USE FLASH, it's worth getting the moment sometimes!!!
LOVe your documentation and that you got photos of yourself too! oh my gosh your morning did NOT sound fun! I wouldn't even know how to handle that one! LOL!tara
p.s. hope today goes better!

essie said...

love you
this little glimpse into j-boro...
makes me smile


Ashley Wren said...

i just this week started eating Craisins.
and i love, love, love that you got photos of yourself.
sean took a couple of me reading last night but it was straight from the back and i don't want my muffin tops all out for the world.
but words can't express how glad I am we did this.
love these sneaks.
and it confirms how great i think you are.

Laci Strickland said...

I love these "Week in the Life" posts!! I just might have to try this! Not sure how entertaining the chaos I call life is..but we will see!

sarah said...

love love love that you captured your beautiful face in these photos yesterday!

and what a morning you had! crazytimes in a boy filled house!

p.s. chocolate covered cranberries?! um....YUM! and 18lbs?! GO erika!
you are awesome.


Shaun said...

This is so cool. Tell me how it works so I may join in the fun.

Missy said...

I wish it would rain rain rain here...
preferably on sunday. because I adore rainy sundays.
I know, I'm sick.

and you crack me up.
have I mentioned that before?

and I need to read con the lightning thief...
but we're still on HP1...
and we have the same bedtime reading rule...
not in bed by 8... no book.
Love it.
Tonight we're forgoing reading for So You Think You Can Dance... because con loves it and that's how I roll ;)