Sunday, September 13, 2009

When I placed the tiny dinosaur on the shelf next to godzilla,
I had no idea the terror that was in store for the dino...
The scene I discovered this week.
Tiny dino being held over the shelf ledge.
Poor tiny dino.
Life with boys....

My friend Tara and I are planning to start Ali Edward's a-week-in-the-life project tomorrow.
I'm really sad we didn't start Friday so you could have followed my last few days...
Friday soccer practice for Coley 4:30-straight to- Soccer for Jack 6pm -straight to-Baseball tourney for Jack 7:15pm -which started late so- home at 10:30, dinner (sad, I know), showers, and laundry....bed 1am-ish.
Saturday alarm 7:20am -to Target at 8 for Gatorade and Starbucks- off to Jack's first soccer game be there at 8:30 -straight to- Colten's soccer practice at 10am- dropped him off and went home to change Jack from soccer uniform to baseball -then to pick up subs- picked up Coley at noon- straight to- Jack's baseball game at 12:15 -straight to- guitar lessons for the Js at 3 and 3:30 (Colten, Colin and I went to the movie store during lessons) -straight back to- the ballfield for Jack's 5 o'clock game (had to be there at 4:30 -straight to- drop Jared off for his movie date -the remaining four went straight to fill our tummys with BBQ....and then at 8:30....
It was a whirlwind few days....
riveting I know...
or not so much.
If you want to see a lot of soccer and baseball photos....
This will be the place to be next week.

Basically you just photograph your day, and narrate it for 7days straight...
and then Tara has made me agree to scrap it.
(unlike last year)

It would be lovely if you want to join in.
It is actually kind of cool to look back at your week.
To see what's similar, and what has changed. I wish I'd started when my boys were tiny.

Maybe Mike could hijack Gabby's blog and do a week-in-the-life-of-Mike-and-Ev?!?
(genius idea e)

I'd love to know if you're doing it be sure to let me know.
And please don't die from boredom if my week looks similar to my weekend...


tara pp said...

I can't wait til tomorrow! You should have just started earlY! It's been crazy here with my brother, his wife, my niece and my mom! we have been running like crazy! I have to go into cHicago again tonight to drop my niece off! we love having company though! we are going shopping today! it's my mom's birthday!

Ashley Wren said...

im doing it.
you two are two of my closest cyber friends.
i will absolutely join you.


Sarah said...

I have been reading your recent posts and chuckling all through! Lordy, e, those boys are funny!

I would like to do a week in the life. I gotta think about it.

sarah said...

you're going to scrap it? PROMISE?! oh i'm so excited! :)

i'll think about joining.
my minus kids type life is not that exciting...but i'll think about it!


debbie said... if only I had that blog!
this could be good inspiration to
get started on it, right? ;)
well, since we all love all your
posts, I know we will love 'the
week in the life of' no matter what.

gabbyfek said...

love you
love this
maybe mike, ev, and i can do next week while we're in dc??????
that could be fun
but not a normal week
can we postpone til the last week in sept?? hmmmmm?