Monday, September 28, 2009

this morning on the way to school we were stopped by a train.
(don't get me started)
we realized that Jared and Colten's buddies were in the car behind us.
(Hanna and Hogan)
Hanna called and said we should swap Jared for Hogan...
then I could just go to the littles school,
and Hanna's mom could just go to the JrHigh...
saving us each a stop.
As we decide this...
the cars start going...
so kids are jumping out...
and jumping in.
Hogan hops in our truck, and says
"UGH I forgot my lunchbox!"
I said to go get it...
so he does.
and jumps back in and says.
"I stopped traffic! I literally stopped traffic! I bet my mom didn't think I'd be doing that until I was 16."

Jack wasn't feeling great yesterday,
and since he had a fever, I kept him home today.
He's feeling much better and is currently extremely bored.
He came out to the living room to see what I was doing...
and I might have been "shopping" at Anthropologie...
the kind of shopping that involves me placing several items in the cart that I'd love...
and pretending that I can buy them.
So I'm looking...
and I hear Jack
"Whoa Mom. There are a LOT of things there that Lady Gaga would wear!"

and those two things have made my Monday just a little happier.
the sun shining is helping quite a bit too.
here's to a happy monday.


tara pp said...

wow, I am impressed that you had your camera in the car! are you getting ready for our OCtober photo per day? I definately am!
I need something to blog LOL!
I still haven't ordered my photos from the week in the life, waiting for a walgreens 10cent sale! tara

p.s. do an Anthro post of your wish list! that would be way fuN!

essie said...

ohhh lady gaga, you are wunderbar!
more german love is on the way!

gabbyfek said...

lady gaga as in the, um, performer? or as in col's mom?
tee hee.
i loooooooove you.
and your happys here.

sarah said...

i was just in anthro on saturday and could have spent a small fortune myself...but i was good :)

i'm happy that the sun has come out! now if we can just get those trains on a different schedule...


Shaun said...

You could be a comedian! You make me laugh with every post. Thanks for the laughter.