Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday aka A Week in the Life Day 3

Colten as photog.Axe hair gel. The most vile stuff ever.Axe = the new Drakkar Noir.
and my hands smell like pre-teen boy the rest of the day no matter how many times I wash them...

blurry Colten. lunchbox. water bottle."The paparazzi is so bad I can't even get to my own car" - Coley
Sorry about that Britney.

Jared in my favorite shirt...Off to school.
Rainy.Playroom.The poor children have no games to play. It's very sad.
That would go three rows back by the way...My dad sent Jack an encyclopedia of illustration book...
Jack exclaimed "This is GREAT! I really needed this to help me with my people"He has an art table set up so that he can draw/paint/create whenever he wants...
I've noticed if it's not out in the open, my kids forget it's an option.

Smells like teen spirit.
The boys bathroom. Some of my favorite snaps.
No towel on the towel hanger thingy because it's laying next to the sink. Why? Because they pull so hard on the towel when it's on the hanger they have pulled it out of the wall.
Yes. Yet another huge selling point.Littles room.
Colten's autographs from Dave Mirra, and Ryan Nyquist...hanging over his bed.
The boys still miss our Mirra sightings at Starbucks.
Colten is all about hats.

Old baby and Milo. The teddy bear that Jared made for Jack at school.
I know, he did a good job, huh?
We aren't suppose to mention he made it shhhhh-hhh...The boys desperately need another bookshelf. Not a bad problem to have I guess....Jared's bookshelf.
His bright orange guitar and his red butterfly chair.
Shield your eyes.
He's getting so good ...I will have to get him playing on the flip soon. What is that girlie bracelet doing in J's room you ask?
I was wondering the same thing.
Seems his favorite friends Claire and Hanna
made a matching friendship bracelet for each of them.
They are quite cute...and funny.
Jared assured me he would not be wearing it.
Also please notice all the movie stubs...seems there isn't much for teenagers to do around here.Oh, and it's still raining...
in case you were wondering.Picked the boys up from school.
Mine are currently obsessed with these necklaces...Jack had a 4:15 orthodontist appointment...
so we had to leave.
I was going to bring my camera, but it was RAINING.
So we went outside without it...
I realized it wasn't raining and made Coley bring it out to me.
And then had to take a photo of him of course...
because I believe the hype...He proceeded to hang on the truck and told me he'd just ride like this...

then he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror....
and had to check his hair. (this is SO Colten)
Finally got him off the truck and sent him back in with Jared, and Jack and I were off.
Jack was concerned with getting to the orthodontist early so he could play video games.
Priorities people.
Of course by the time we got there, it had started raining again.
So I left my camera in the truck,
which is a shame because it was slippery when we walked in and Jack totally bit it...
and made me laugh.
Because I am that mom.
(he was fine)
No photos though.

Then home to take Jared to youth group.
and Colten to soccer practice.
Jared and Colten needed new cleats this season.
Jared picked out a spendy, but tasteful pair from the Eurosport catalog.
Coley on the other hand...
picked a silver pair.
"Are you sure?"
"Are you positive?"
Even after they arrived I kept asking if he was sure.
Colten LOVES flashy what can I say...Jack is wearing Cole's hand-me-downs....
so the other day when Jack was looking for "his" cleats, he asked me where Colten's were.
(meaning his old ones)
Colten of course perked his ears...
"You aren't wearing my NEW ones"
Jack "No. I'm wearing your old ones. Besides, I wouldn't want to wear tin foil on my feet anyway"...

Picked up a few of Jared's buddies for youth group.
(and people ask why I need an truck?!?)Then to rainy soccer.Jack and I stayed in the truck and amused ourselves with photo taking...
about 40 photos that look just like this...then we mixed it up a bit and took some mirror shots.and then we played sudoku.

home at 7:30.
quick dinner.
Make your own bagel pizzas.
This is Colin's. Pepperoni and cheese.
Mine is all about veggies....
and bed for the boys.A note back from Colten's teacher. I knew I liked her...Flipping out on the DVR.
I ♥ Jeff Lewis.
Then it happened... out of my mouth, in conversation I used "might could"...
and it wasn't in jest.
I said might could.
I think I audibly gasped, and covered my mouth.
I will blame the fact I was tired. I must have been tired, right?
Oh dear...


tara pollard pakosta said...

LOve your day, esp. the teenage boys in your truck!!! LOL! so funnY! I tried to get details for wed. too, but it's so much more boring for me! I never seem to get good pix of details stuff. I did try though! I had alot of photos yesterday! so happy we are doing this together!

essie said...

nope...if you said
it is official-you would be a lost cause!!!
me, i GREW UP in the land of
might could
and once you're's a hard hard HARD place to leave ya'll
hard place to leave!

i love you

sarah said...

life with boys is never dull is it?! i am loving your week.
and the tinfoil shoes.


savannah said...

busy day!!!

Missy said...

The bookshelf is AWESOME.
Oh I can't wait till Con can actually read on his own.

Anonymous said...

Tell Coley uncle Mike's soccer shoes this year are also silver, and of course the Titans hat is the best one on the rack

Uncle Mike
(in case you couldn't figure out that it was me from above)

Uncle mike said...

If I check this option, does it show my name at the top? Hmm, can you tell I'm not much of a blogger