Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The One Where I Eat Crow...

Funny story...

You might remember this blog post
where I might have mentioned a certain hair care product my middle son uses with
reckless abandon.
I might have referred to that product as vile.

A few days later I might have received a very lovely email from Carly.
Carly works for AXE.
She read my blog post, and wanted to send the boys some hair products...

Which was really nice because she could have just told me
I was a loser for saying mean things...
(Very embarrassing)

Here is what I'd like to say...
There is nothing like good customer service. Nothing.
Colin and I are firm believers in supporting companies that care.
And clearly...
Well...AXE seems to be one of those companies.

Carly hooked my boys up.Seriously?!
THAT is a ton of product.
My boys were beyond stoked.
(I should add that she included a handwritten note...yeah, she did)

And while I was attempting to be my usually hilariously funny self in that previous post...
you should know that my boys use just about every AXE product made.
The shampoo, deodorant, body wash, and gel...
they even have an AXE body scrubber thingy for the shower...
Even before the goodies arrived they were devoted.
(If I had to guess...I'd say the girls at school don't mind the smell one bit)

This morning. Colten decided to try and do his own hair.

with several onlookers...We will keep working on the execution...
In his defense his hair is super long...
he's completely overdue for a haircut...
but he's pretty proud of himself. And...
I realize that everything I say at this point sounds contrived...
the pomade?
smells REALLY good.
Like I'm not kidding good.
And I'm not just saying that.
(I swear)
Colin even mentioned it.

and Carly...
really REALLY cool.
Thanks for making my boys feel like rockstars.

If you have guys around...
You should have AXE products in your house.
You really should.
Check them out here.

And now just a little test...

Frye boots are vile.
Disgusting boots.
I do not like them at all.

(well, it can't hurt to try right?!?....ha. KIDDING)


Anonymous said...

WEll, first of all, that is what I call customer service WOW! what a great companY! and the handwritten note? PRICELESS!!!
totally cute pic of cole! He did a great job!!!
and lastly, you are hilarious trying to get some cute new boots now too HA HA~!!!!! what a RIOT!!

sarah said...

that is SO cool!
i love the detail of the handwritten note...i love companies that go above + beyond!

oooh. smart lady.
good luck with the boots ;)


Shaun said...

OMG! First of all, I think his hair looks awesome! Second, how do I get AXE to read my blog? Do you know how much money I spend on AXE products? Of course you do and you have three boys compared to my two. Thank God Vinny could care a less about all that girly stuff. She only cares about her grades and gymnastics.
Lucky boys! Mine will be so jealous so I don't think I will even let them read this post.

Missy said...

Seriously hilarious AND cool.
Con's anti-hair gel right now.
But he's 5. :)

and let me know how that fry boots try works... because I've been eyeballing them for about 3 years now :)

essie said...

you are a blog rockstar
that is awesome!!!


gabbyfek said...

i'm still laughing about the boots and our brilliant, alike-thinking minds.
i love you.
and that you are a blog rockstar.
and that cute oley bob doing his own hair. sigh. so old.