Thursday, October 01, 2009

soccer tournaments pumpkin spice lattes baseball games carmel apples crisp air orange-and-black halloween parent-teacher-conferences my birthday pumpkin-pie-concretes carmel candles decorations apple crisp trick-or-treat the pumpkin patch hay rides
jack-o-lanterns apple cider changing leaves chili candy corn

I love fall.
love love love...
I told Tara that I'd do a photo-a-day the month of October with her.
She claims it to be much less labor intensive as the week-in-the-life project.
We shall see...
I think I am one of five scrapbookers that hasn't done a photo-of-the-day...

The idea was really well received around here...

This morning.
Jared "Mom. Why are you bringing your camera?"
"I'm doing a photo-a-day this month."
"Are you kidding me?!? When you did that week thing we had no clean laundry"
They. are. SO. demanding.

I swear...

Here's to October.
Daily photos.
Clean clothes.


tara pollard pakosta said...

ha ha Jared, way to support your mom! LOL!
It will be less intensive seriouslY! You just need ONE PHOTO per day! that's IT!
glad you are doing this with me!

Cathy Cook said...

I guess Jared's trying to say that he'd LOVE to help with the laundry so you'd have plenty of time to work on your project!

essie said...

missing you SO much that i'm embarking on this insane photo-a-day madness!

sarah said...

FUN! i can't wait to see them all! i really REALLY want to do a whole year of it. I always try and fail miserably. I might have to try a month sometime...that's more do-able!