Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Oh dear.
I think I've done 21 photos out of 28 this month.
That's no good.
I can't lie. I took this photo yesterday.

"I might wear black four years straight,
I might bring back Versace shades"

bringing back the fleece no sew blankets.
zebra for me.
camo for Coley-O.
dorky, yet fabulous. Funny story.
Sometimes when Gabby and I get together we get our craft on.
I had decided back in the day,
when Jack was tiny,
we should make these no-sew fleece blankets because all the kids had them at soccer and baseyball...and it seemed only fitting that mine had some as well.
From what I understood they were super easy to make and cheap.
We also decided they'd be great cheap beach throws.
So off we went to get the fleece.
Clearly, we had no clue what we were doing...
and ended up getting the world's most expensive fleece.
Honestly when all was said and done we spent at least $50.
That would be for two blankets.
One for me.
One for her.
Grant it they were large, and the fleece was much nicer than subsequent blankets I've made...but whoa.

6-7 years later...
Somewhere in that time, I ended up making a soccer one.
And those two blankets have been the BEST early morning sporting event blankets ever.(spendy ridiculous blanket on the blanket on the right)

Of course the cutie pie print on the
red and blue-what kind of idiots spend that much to make a blanket-blanket
is a little babyish..
so the boys asked for a new one...
hence the camo.
and while I was cutting, I made myself one.
2 for less than $20.
cheap. dorky. fabulous.


gabbyfek said...

can we make these at thanksgiving?
cuz i can't remember how.
and ev needs a monkey one. ;)

pakosta said...

these are great, I want to make one! get taking pix NOW!!!!! that is an ORDER LOL!

gabbyfek said...

i can also bring some buttons....
they make for cheap crafts, tooooooooooo.
ha. i LOVE us.