Monday, October 12, 2009


the world's best goldfish.
that somehow manages to survive here with us despite---
often having a murky tank...
having an excessive amount of food...
"Ooooops!!! Mom!!!! I didn't mean to!"
or a tiny amount...
"Did anyone feed Sharkbait?!?"
moving from Ohio to Arkansas...
and losing two dear fish friends.

it's remarkable how well this poor fish has fared.
and now I'm kind of attached to him...
just maybe
someday we'll get a "real" pet.
until then.
Sharkbait pretty much rocks.

***his tank is not, contrary to appearances, disco purple...
it looked pinkish in the I tried to correct it, and made it purplish...and gave up.
although...he has a lovely tail that I'm sure could totally disco if given the chance.

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pakosta said...

I had some goldfish when I was a kid, and when I got sick of them, I flushed them. Ha, not a proud moment!
We have a dog(cockapoo) and a hamster as you have prob. seen on Savannah's blog! The dog is seriously the BEST! We have not tired of him yet. He doesn't shed, which is a bonus! HE is the sweetest thing EVER!!! mY only complaint is when we go somewhere, I feel guilty and have to find a dog sitter for hiM! janet ohlsen (from 2peas) daughter Abby comes to get him ALOT! She lives one block from me! we can see each others houses! weird huh?!