Tuesday, October 27, 2009


photos of my day.
by Colin and Jack.

After soccer practice in the rain we had a lovely dinner.
Then we came home and I opened presents...(I got some really great stuff)

Then we had cookie cake.
Which is not remotely gluten free...but is seriously yummy.Making a really good wish.
(which I got to make several more times because my funny boys used re-light candles)

I had a really nice day.
Growing older only means I get to spend more time with my boys...
and that's the best.

PS. Birthdays on Facebook are really fantastic...
my wall yesterday made me a happy happy girl.

PPS. Pay no attention to the giant stack of magazines on the coffee table in that first photo.

PPPS. Or my hair. Pay no attention to that either...


pakosta said...

uh oh no 24 and 25!!! LOL!
I am so glad you had a great day and I am so proud of your boys for taking pictures!!! you look beautiful, stop it~!

gabbyfek said...

i loooooooove you.
and you know that giant stack of magazines makes me swoon with happiness. sigh. i miss sitting in your living room and reading all your mags. hee!
love the pics
and the b-day
and the cookie cake.
now i REALLY need cookie cake.
thanks, sisserfriend, thanks.

sarah said...

i'm kind of jealous of that magazine stack. okay, a lot jealous. i love magazines :)

i'm SO happy you had a fabulous birthday! you deserve it because YOU are fabulous!

p.s. mmmm. cookie cake!

squeakingshoeless said...

i love the hair
i love the mags
i love the loves that celebrated you with such sweetness
i love you!
happy birthday from essie who has somehow logged onto preston's im account!

essie said...

me now!
still loving the birthday lovin!