Thursday, October 08, 2009

ordinary extraordinary life

I was uploading...
or is it downloading?
flip videos...which clearly I hadn't done in awhile...
and came across this one from March.
dinner time at our house.
Colin on the phone with work.
Bad radio music blaring.
Jared trying to be funny.
voice cracking.
Jack putting just an absurd amount of peanut butter on his plate.
(We were having chili, with apples and peanut butter)
Colten being serious.
my annoying voice.
love that this is all captured on video.
cracks me up.♥


sarah said...

your voice is NOT annoying.
i LOVED hearing it. makes me want to be there eating chili and talking about my favorite animated movie with you all!

for the record?
my favorite "old school" animated is the fox + the hound (but i fastforward the scary parts) and my more recent fave is toy story. hands down. what can i say, i LOVE mr. potato head!

xx. again.

pakosta said...

awwwww so sweet!!!
your boys are precious!
I just loaded a video of ava on facebook from last october and she was so LITTLE!!! I can't get ANY of my flip videos to play now, not sure what happened! but my camera videos work! weird!
yUM chili w/ peanut butter n' apples YUMMY! tara

Missy said...

Ok, number one - your voice is not annoying. But I understand. I hate mine too.

And I love this video.
and the "and look what happens"..

Shaun said...

That is so fun, just like being there. Your voice is not annoying. My favorite animated movie is Bambi. My kids think I am nuts.
Have a great weekend.

essie said...

um...i seem to recall taking some little boylies to see Santa Claus 2 WHICH i realize was not animated, BUT, was a blast.
miss you and will send peanut butter for the jack.