Thursday, October 22, 2009

bad blogger.
poor neglected blog.
it has been a crazy busy week sorry.

someone is going to the homecoming dance tomorrow...
tomorrows "photo of the day" will be photoS....
if a certain someone allows me to take the 10,001 that I'd like to.

I can not believe I have a freshman in high school....whoa.


essie said...

so mine wouldn't GO to homecoming, BUT, totally went to downtown Heidelberg for the apres-homecoming activites...we didn't get any snaps b/c he didn't even TELL us.


tara pp said...

can't wait to see the 10,001 photos! LOL! yay! glad to see a new update!

sarah said...

i too am looking forward to a whole boat load of photos soon!


Shaun said...

Glad you are back! I missed you.