Thursday, October 29, 2009


Photo of the day #29.Bam!
I'm on fire.

Please take note of a few things.
First of all. the 2 coffee cups.
What's up E?
Did you get a friend?
Are you bringing her coffee?
You are so sweet.

They are both for me.
(said in my best Dwight voice)

I had 3 buy-one-get-one-free coupons...that expire Saturday.
I didn't want to waste free.
Hence Coffee 1 and Coffee 2.
As I loving refer to them...Breakfast and Lunch.
not that I name inanimate objects,
because that would be cA-Razy.....
sort of like incessantly quoting random songs, movies and The Office right?
the other day my dear husband actually asked me
"Do you think people that read your blog and don't know you think you're crazy?"
What kind of question is that?!?!

we quote things up in here. lots.
like in conversation...
Even the boys.
Who have this uncanny ability to use
"that's what she said" both quickly and surprisingly accurately...
I should probably put a stop to that one ...
They also use quotes from movies that I don't know...
in reply to things I've said...
which confuses me
makes me think they're a tiny bit nuts.

wait a minute....

I'm kidding.

I prefer to think that I'm funny.
which is sort of like crazy but without the yikes factor.

Also please notice my new birthday cd from my teenager.
love it.
Jay-Z Blueprint 3 yes...Jay-Z from Jay-C....
I'm enjoying my new cd in the truck yesterday,
when number one son says to me...
and I quote...

"You know women your age don't listen to Jay-Z"
(oh no he di'int...yes. he actually DID)
"Well...that's not nice. And yes they do."
"Really?!? Name one."
(at this point...for some reason...only one name came to mind, I have no idea why)
"Gwen Stefani. She loves Jay-Z and she's older than me."
(ok. and cooler. and hotter.....details people. details)
"Oh... Ok."

So. yeah. I have no idea if Gwen is a Jay-Z fan...or not.
probably not...
but I won.
so thank you Gwen.

A woman your age.

Oh. and for the record.
it's raining. Seattle minus the cool. for serious.


essie said...

you are a hot mess my lovebug friend
let that numero uno know
that women you age let boys his age have iPhones.
oh yes they do!

erika said...

come drink coffee w/ my hot mess.
i have an extra.

sarah said...

i like essie. she has GOOD comebacks. not that your gwen comeback wasn't good...her's just had that extra oooompf, you know?

(is that how you spell oooompf?)

i want to come drink coffee with you too, okay? when do the coupons expire? saturday? okay...i'm on my way.

and p.s. it's raining here too.

pakosta said...

you are FUNNY! wish that coffee were for me! LOL!
glad you are taking pix! i have taken some, just need to update!

jenjock1 said...

i love jay-z. and i've over 30. :):)

Missy said...

I think you're hilarious... and not one bit crazy... maybe because you "talk" like I think. :)

You know I love the Gwennie comeback... and I listen to Jay-z. Listening to your big-boy stories just gives me so much to look forward to.

Come have coffee with me.
I have pumpkin spice creamer.
And a big-eyed baby to snuggle.