Friday, October 16, 2009


my camera and my computer weren't speaking yesterday.
they had a tift or something...
so two photos today.
but one is yesterday...for reals.

Any guesses what we're doing this weekend? tournament.
correct answer.
times 3. (first time with 3 playing)

aside from the soccer "gear" we will be packing...
an assortment of beverages, organic "pop-tarts", and whole wheat bagels w/ cream cheese (for breakfast), sandwiches/roll-ups, pretzels, goldfish, all-fruit fruit-rolls, bunny grahams, honeycrisp apples (love♥love♥love those apples I do), bananas, baby carrots, celery with pb, cereal in baggies, granola bars and popcorn.
holy cow.
soccer makes boys hungry.
anyone want to come with us?
we have plenty of snacks...


pakosta said...

I wish I could come! sounds FUN! be sure to pack the camera LOL!

sarah said...

yum. i love snacks. especially the ones you packed!

mmmm. honeycrisp apples!
i ate one with dinner last night!

essie said...

you crack me up.
i love that the snacks
are sooooo snackish!

gabbyfek said...

um, i want all of those snacks.
i so miss getting to go to the boylies games. sigh.