Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I got an orchid for my birthday.

This is Astrid.
So pretty...
Angela: Per your instructions, we have the personalized M&Ms with the baby names. This is your boy bowl, with the name "Chevy." And this is the girl bowl, with M&Ms with the name "Astird."
Phyllis: That can't be right.
Angela: Michael wrote down "Astird."
Michael: She said it is the name of a Viking princess. So...
Meredith: Ass...turd.
Michael: I know. I know. It is beautiful.

Hopefully she is a hardy little orchid.


gabbyfek said...

oh, astird looks hearty to me.

pakosta said...

okay, when I thought we couldn't have one more thing in common, I KILL EVERY PLANT I have ever touched! including an orchid hubby got me one year LOL!!!!!!! We barely have any flower beds or flower pots because I kill em'....
I will be praying for your orchid LOL!

essie said...

this one will live.
too pretty not to!