Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday. Day 6 aka the day we used the emergency ponchos...

bedazzled. pumpkin spice. O.with the girl he had to guard.gas for the truck.tropical smoothie cafe for J and me.happy meal lunch in the truck.rain.smiley.disgusted.tired.emergency poncho love.soaked.delish.cute packaging = the way you chose wine and beer when you don't drink.Colten and Jack games at 9am.
Cole practice at 10am.
Cole game at noon.
Jared game at 2.
Colin work work work.


tara pp said...

love all of them and esp. the rain shot is way cooL! you are really doing a great job with this! better than me! I really stopped over the weekend cause of being gone and am mad that I didn't just ask the girls to take photos while i was gone, they were doing videos though LOL! tara

essie said...

um, i thought EVERYONE bought their wine based on a cuteness factor-
yes, our boylies are all about the stnad out footwear, and frankly i love that i can find my son before any of the other mommas JUST because of the shoes...
it is awesome!
love you, and some candy goodness is on the way!

sarah said...

wow. so it's been raining there all week? i had no idea....


thank goodness for the ponchos, no?

and that recipe...what is that deliciousness? looks amazing. and how cute is cupcake wine? i hope it tasted as good and the name is cute.

did that make sense?
oy. it's a monday. forgive me.