Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Someone Like You

Oh it's so lovely today...cool and fall like.
My absolute favorite season.
Jack got to sport his new vader lives shirt...
which I love.

Halloween costumes have been selected.
And mom's suggestions all ignored on that subject.
How about we all go as vampires?
That would be fun!or
as the Joker,
and some strange ninja...
Almost the same guys....Almost.
or not really much at all.

My friend Audrey asked what book we got Jared for his birthday,
so for fun I figured I'd just do a "currently" post.

CurrentlyJared is reading Catching Fire.
(his birthday book)
He really loved the first book (Hunger Games)
so I'm hoping this one gets him reading again...
he hasn't been, and I don't like that.
Coley is reading anything he can get his hands on Sent.
Jack isn't a fan of reading for enjoyment,
as I've mentioned several times before,
much to his mother's dismay...
however he's being forced to read reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid right now.
(and seems to be enjoying it)
And of course we're still reading The Lightning Thief before bed.
I'm stuck in a rut of unfinished books that I feel like I should finish before I move on to something else...but I'm not feeling any of them right now...Annoying.
Colin wants to read Dan Brown's new book The Lost Symbol...
and since he's like Jack, any interest he shows in a book I am all about...

My favorite shows on TV are Sons of Anarchy, The Office, Fringe, Glee, Lie to Me, House, Project Runway, Top Chef, Flipping Out and Grey's.
Which seems excessive, but we don't watch them all at once.
(thank goodness for DVRs, right?)
Colin's are the same...mostly...he loves Heroes though, and is anxious for Lost.
(Me. not so much)
Jared loves Fringe, Lie to Me, and Numbers.
(Jared wants to be Charlie on Numbers when he grows up)
The littles don't watch prime time TV...

CurrentlyI am longing for Frye boots and pants that fit...
Jared is longing to mow the lawn...
and the littles are longing to clean their room.
ok only one is accurate, but the men in my life do not long for clothing.
or footwear.

CurrentlyI really need to go switch the laundry.
Go to the grocery store,
to the bank to get the soccer paperwork notarized,
and somewhere to get the truck's oil changed.
Oh. and maybe clean this disaster that is my house.


tara pollard pakosta said...

Do you think my girls would like Lightening Thief?!
I love that you are all readers! We are here too. I need to make a list of ours!

p.s. I got a photo album for all my week in the life pix. I am going to half scrap/half photo album them LOL!
I was going to cheat and make a book on blurb, in fact started it, but decided NO! I want to scrap them!

Mara said...

1. i love the darth vader shirt
2. i love numbers and if jared were like charlie that'd be awesome (and worrisome with the danger...)
3. i want frye boots too! though honestly, i've tried them on and they didn't fit that great so I'm less keen on them now. Maybe you should do the same... of course, it could have the opposite effect.
4. i saw that you've been "shopping" at anthro - me too.
5. that's all. xx.

sarah said...

we're having a lovely fall afternoon here too. it rained earlier but now it's blue sky and cool with pretty red leaves popping out everywhere. LOVELY.

love this post of your "currents"! so fun!


Audrey said...

hee hee...love these kinds of posts.

I'm going to get all English teacher / librarian-like on you and give you some book recs for Jared. I think he'll like these. I Am The Messenger by Marcus Zusek is a great one (he's the same guy who did The Book Thief, which is another fantastic book). He'd like just about anything by Scott Westerfeld, but I especially recommend the Midnighters trilogy -- one of the characters has this whole number/math thing going on -- it's really fascinating. I also highly recommend anything by John Green, but in particular An Abundance of Katherines. Again, a fun math undertone and some of the best characters I've ever seen in YA lit.

Has Colten read any of the books by Blue Balliet? Those were really cool -- Cass enjoyed them quite a lot.
The Wimpy Kid books are a big hit at our house -- I would think as much as Jack likes to draw that they'd be more appealing to him. Does he like graphic novels? I'm getting ready to start a big unit on graphic novels in one of my Library Media courses that I'm taking -- I'll keep an eye out for ones he might like.

Also, while I'm thinking of it...I'm going to be in Memphis on November 7-8 and have a spot for pictures open on the afternoon of the 8th. It's a Sunday. Let me know.

essie said...

you are cracking me up, and i need that these days, a good good laugh!
i miss you!