Wednesday, September 09, 2009


9 things on 9/9/09

1. I'm taking the boys for their well-check ups today.
Please place your bets now on how many of us will become sick after the WELL check-up.

2. This morning as we were getting shoes on to leave for school, out of the blue, Cole says
"So, have you decided what you're naming your next baby yet?"
"Who said I'm having another baby?"
"I did. You better pick a name."

3. Colten learning math facts is going to be a whole lotta frustration in the coming months I sense. Multiplication seems to be going ok....division....not so much.
We do flashcards every night for "homework"...and when I ask him a division question...
he just guesses....
eventually from the other room you hear
"ITS 8...I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" from Jared.
Brotherly love is not so much in full effect when it comes to math facts.

4. Jared's birthday is coming up. (15, holy cow...but we won't dwell on that right now)
He has kindly asked for a few items.
A laptop.
and an IPOD touch.
Yeah, no.
I keep asking if he'd actually like anything for his birthday....and he repeats those two items.
Finally I told him I was getting him water.
I explained when he says "laptop" I hear "water"..."IPOD" = "water"
I am actually going to wrap up water bottles at this point, because it's gone on for a few weeks now...
and I will at least laugh.
I'm still not sure what I'm getting for his "real" present.

5. Jack is getting much better at speaking and eating. We are all so happy.
There was also not a lot of brotherly love shown over the expander situation.
Colten "Jack try to talk normal sound retarded, and you're embarrassing me"
Jared "What? What are you saying Jack? Mom, I can't understand him, can someone please teach the kid sign language or something?!"
We've come a long way...
Thank goodness.

6. Soccer is starting.
Which means my blood pressure is on it's way up.... I mean, we are all terribly excited.
The way it's organized here is absurd.
The little boys have to play on rec teams, and travel teams, they can't just play club.
Which means my three kids are on five teams.
And because soccer is such a joke here,
Colten is actually practicing with a U-12 club team from a different city.
So technically is 6 teams.
If you're counting.
and a partridge in a pear tree.
Oh. And Jack is playing fallball. (baseball)
Rock on.

7. There was a shooting across the street from Jared's school on Friday.
Scary, huh. Literally a few steps away. Please note I drive down those questionably safe side roads with the littles in the truck to pick up number one son.
30 minutes prior to me driving down said roads 2 people were shot.
Not cool people.
Not cool.

8. I think I want to document a week-in-the-life again.
Although I never scrapped the one I did last year....sooooooo.....hmmmm......

9. My husband is coaching Jack's 2 soccer teams.
This is a total win/win for me, because all summer he said he was going to go in early
(which he did) and come home early (which he SO did NOT)...
so instead of 6am-6:30pm. My husband got home at 5pm yesterday!
There might be something redeeming to be found in soccer here after all.....
Always look for the bright side I say....

That's all for today because it's not 10 on 9/9/09,
or 11 on 9/9/09 because that wouldn't be nearly as cool.

My computer is working sporadically hopefully I'll be back tomorrow.


gabbyfek said...

i love you
and this list
sooooooooo much.
and i'll send j some water.
you = funny.
and coley's right, you know.... ;)
on the baby.
even if not on math.
and i hear him. i HATE division.

gabbyfek said...

ps i don't love the shooting, tho.
i'm not a cwazy.
be safe.
bring backup.
or at least maxxy.
he'd take out those druggies.

pakosta said...

I love your list today!
I need to do one today too!
HEy, want to do " a week in the life" at the same time? which week are you thinking?! Last year, I think I did it in October. I did scrap mine into a notebook, filled the whole thing. It was alot of FUN! let's do it!!!
oh and Ava is doing the facts at night too. Have Cole try then you don't have to do flash cards! ava was on it for 40 minutes yesterday! there are tons of fun games on there. What grade is COle in & how old is he now? Ava just turned 8 and is in 3rd....I made Savannah memorize hers right after 2nd grade, but ava kinda got out of it = stinker!
I wonder if they have a check and see!

sarah said...

gabby said everything i wanted to say. so i'll be a copycat and repeat.

i love this list...
(minus the shooting of course).
you, my friend, are funny!


~*AMY*~ said...

so love your list...
your boys CRACK ME UP!
they sound so so much like my kids...