Sunday, September 20, 2009

Friday. Day 5.

1. wisps for jack's lunchbox.
(yes. I make him brush his teeth at school. way too much metal in there)
2. lunchboxes. everyday. red is jack. camo is coley.
3. I lied. sometimes I use the green one.
4. good mail day.
5. I have to drive 4omins round trip to buy beer for Colin, and wine for a recipe.
we live in a dry county...have I mentioned that?
6. we've had some rain.
7. hobby lobby because I promised tara I'd scrap this project.
8. thickers that are called "rainboots"...coincidence? I think not.
9. rain. I am stuck on the rain. I apologize.
10. reading my magazines in the pickup line. I think I want my haircut like Jennie Garth now.
Yes? or No? that would be short for me....
11. Colten had a sub and the class misbehaved. they had to write "I will show respect to ms. massey" 50times. then she made the class throw the papers away so they couldn't show the teacher. Colten hid his in his pocket and threw away a blank one. he said he had to show his teacher...because she wouldn't be happy.
12. Colten also was none too happy.
13. my favorite vitamin water.
14. 4:30 Colten soccer practice.
15. 6pm Jack soccer practice
(Jared went to a movie with friends)
16. homemade nachos for dinner and Andy's for dessert.


tara pp said...

LOVe all of these!
yay! what did you get at HObby Lobby?! I just got home from being gone since saturday morning and didn't take barely any photos unless you count the 150 or so I took of my friends 2 kids, but all we did was shop & go to dinner...Now I feel bad but this was not a normal weekend for me to capture! I havent' seen my girls all weekend so off to spend some time with them. they wanted me to check their blogs/web show LOL!

essie said...

ooo i am loving the way you are doing this-but my life is more boring than the rain and stuck trains that you have to deal with!

maybe i'll do a WEEKEND in the life...that's where the magic happens!!

i miss you, those silver cleats, those big boy feet, that lush blond hair, and chemical hubby tooooooo much!

mr nestle and i are back in a fight!
i love you!!!

sarah said...

a dry county would be tough.
well, especially in this college tow i live in. although, it might be quieter on the weekends.

YAY for rainboot thickers and the fact that you ARE going to scrap this project. and the possible haircut? do it! but if you hate it don't blame me, kay? ;)


sarah said...

clearly i meant TOWN. what's a college tow anyway?

ugh. it's monday.