Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Salutations and such...

Conversations with Jack from the last three days -

"Colten don't taunt me with that!" Jack
"WHAT?!? What does TAUNT mean?!?" Coley
"It's like means almost the same thing." Jack

"Mom what exactly does enthusiastic mean?" Jack
"It means really excited, why?" Me
"Oh, because I'm REALLY enthusiastic about this week!" Jack
"Where did you hear that word?" Me
"I'm not really sure, but I AM enthusiastic and I was enthusiastic about Trinity's birthday party too!" Jack

Cooking dinner....boys waiting (not so patiently at the table)
"Speed up your process!" Coley to me
"You need to speed up your process." Jared to Coley
"What process?" Coley to Jared
"Your intellectual process!" Jack

"Aluation" Coley
"What?" Me
"Aluation" Coley
"It's salutation Mom and it means hello" Jack

"Mom....Jack just called me a glockenspiel. I didn't know what it was...he says it's a musical that right?!? Jared
"Yep" Me

The kid is cracking me up. Holy vocabulary batman....hoping it rubs off on me.

Last day of school...
complete with a rainbow last day mohawk. (Good idea Colten)
After today I officially have a 1st grader, a 3rd grader, and (gulp!) a 7th grader!
How can that be?!?!!?

a giant holy crap...
we got everything we wanted (and more) at our last IEP meeting on Monday for Colten.
So all is in place for next year.
Prayers answered.
I feel much more settled now....

Rock on....



gabbyfek said...

gotta love the jack.
and freaking HUGE congrats on school for the oley-man.
that is so amazing.

Erica said...

Jake's big words come from Pinky Dinky Do but I'm guessing your boys being a little older aren't into that :p

'Mommy, famished means REALLY hungry' (Jake is often famished - just how much can one four-almost-five-year-old eat? It's astounding.)

Hi by the way :D

sarah said...

how cool is jack?!
always LOVE stories of him.

and YAHOOOOO! on the school thing.
such good news!!!


Mara said...

yay. so happy for colten and you.
that jack is one smart cookie.

Jenny Rosser said...

Willard!!!! I'm so glad things are going so well! Miss you down here in the south in the land of knifes. I can't even reconcile the image I have of Jack with glockenspiel...has it been that long? Wow. Love you dude!

RACHEL =) said...

Jack sounds like such a little cutie!! Love hearing stories about the boys!!

Time flies, huh?! But I bet you're glad it's summer finally!! Glad to hear everything's going good!! :)

Missy said...

I think I need to meet jack.
he sounds like my kind of dude. :)

Alison said...

Do you know that I didn't even know that you had a blog
It's like (Alison) knows *e*
but Alison and Erika?
Now I know.
Good things.

lisa truesdell said...

YAY for getting the school stuff ironed out... and for big words from little boys. LOL.

shelly b said...

saw your blog on the skulls site..congrats..really lovin your blog..i loved from the mixed up files of...and your kids comments are hilarious..and coming from a teacher, hang in there with the IEP thing, it'll work out!

Sarah said...

love the Jack.