Friday, November 16, 2007

Babyfek Shower

This was the most bestest fun day ever. I can not believe I won't see my sister again until she's holding babyfek...well, she better actually be handing the baby off to me, because I can't wait to meet the little man.
The shower was such fun....My sister has the sweetest friends,
everyone humored me and played all the silly games I came up with.
Some with help from my boys....(ok, and the Girls Next Door)...
Dirty diaper game anyone? Melt chocolate candy bars into diapers, number the diapers, and have guests sniff and look around in the diaps, trying to figure out the flavor bar....OH yeah...the boys were crushed when they found out the shower's no boys allowed rule ...
My cousin got all the diapers right...
Helps to have 3 kids that just celebrated Halloween! HA!
Gabby almost scored a 100% on the celeb baby game....who wants to match baby animals w/ their mamas when you can match babies w/ their celeb moms?!?
I didn't even have to tell Gab to wear blue....she's such a good girl, she matched my theme Martha of you sis.
The favors were white frames that I inserted blue cardstock into that said
"please insert photo of babyfek here....coming soon".
Horrible photos of the event I know. I so wish I had a good one of the table of frames.....
but I was too busy running around.
My boys all picked out their presents for the baby....
again no photos,
Jack got the baby a "baby"....which in jack is a blanket. He is my only blanket baby, and his still loves his fiercely....his is named old baby (A scrap page on that soon)
O got the baby a RockStar bib and some skull booties...that's just SO Coley....
Jared got a soccer ball because really what else could a boy need or want?!? HA!
Colin got the baby butt paste....need I say more? oh, wait...and nipple cream for Gabby.
I got the baby clothes....
because anyone that says boys aren't fun to shop for, well I would argue with them.
I LOVE little boy clothes.
I left Wisconsin wanting
a. to move back to NC so I'm closer to my nephew (oh yeah, and my sister and Mike) and
b. a baby
such baby lust when I see this...
and when my nephew comes out we will have a little talk about not kicking for his Auntie Erika....yes we will....
Just SO excited for my little sister....February just needs to be here now!


sarah said...

this post makes me grin from ear to ear! such a happy occasion!


gabbyfek said...

i need all of these pics.
you are the BESTEST sisser in the world.... and i hope i tell you that enough.
you planned a perfect shower that was SO perfectly ME-- and that means so much to me.
even if the belly size game was a little mean... ;)
babyfek is so so so lucky to have you as his aunt.
we all love you so much.

holly k said...

everything looks so, so perfect! gabby looks so beautiful! i'm so glad she has such a great sister!!!

Mara said...

you throw oneheckofa shower, sister.
thanks for inviting me :)

essie said...

all i have to say is "gummie peni" are coming soon!

melanie said...

the shower was fantastic - thanks again so much for including me! and so nice to finally meet you. :)

Ashley said...

this whole post gave me goosebumps.
made me tear up.
gabby deserves this.
and coming from you,
everything was so perfect, so special.
this baby is a MIRACLE, and will be loves SOOOOOOOOO much,
and will fit RIGHT in.
love you both.