Monday, December 11, 2006

Fra-gee-lay. That must be Italian...

2 out of 3 moving estimates were finished this morning...
HOW-A-YOU-YaH...." as Jack would say.
(Hallelujah....darn funny when he sings it after having something go his way)
The company has to have three done, and then they pick one for us.
I suppose since they're paying and all.....but it's still a freaking waste of my morning.

My weekend--->
Saturday Colin and I hired a babysitter (Jared) and went Christmas shopping big people and everything. We even had lunch. Very exciting.
The most exciting part really was that the house was completely intact when we arrived home, and the children were all happy. They actually listened to their brother. Will wonders never cease?!
Dinner was this, and it was really good. The fries....oooh yum. RR, annoys the begesus out of me, but you can't hear her speak on the website, and the girl CAN cook. We did grill the burgers though....
On the way home from church I got a bloody nose.
Checked the glove box no tissues, no napkins....
My purse, similar story....with the exception of one pad.
Yes I used a maxi pad.
And aside from the hysterical laughter coming from my husband and Jared,
I thought it was a brilliant solution....
Colin just wanted me to "put my head down" (so no one saw me)
Frankly I think Always may want to consider a new product line because aside from the sticky was very helpful and worked wonders.

I think I'm going to be watching this tonight, which is going to be extremely painful. Although every time Jack says "Garfield A Tail of Two Kitties" because he refuses to just say Garfield....Colin says "It was the best of kitties and the worst of kitties" and EVERY time it makes me laugh. Lucky this movie is a week long rental....because I put it off all weekend.
I think Jack may call me on it tonight though.....
I am however super excited to go see THIS. I love Martin Short..... Ed Grimley. Does anyone else remember SNL back then?!? Good stuff...I must say.

And Rachel sent me this last week, because she is THAT sweet...and I am loving it. Grant it, I think I'm making a mockery of the stitches, and I still have no clue how I'm suppose to end things....but I'm doing my own thing...and having the best time. Felt ornaments, scrap-pages....
big fun I tell you.

More Nisa photos.
We never have any of the two of us.
I really like the one I'm making an "ewwwww" face when Col kissed me...that's so us.
After looking at the photos two things are clear though, I need to figure out where the nearest Jenny Craig is after we move....and I may have to pick up some Rogaine for Colin. Schweet....

More Christmas journal pages coming soon..............


Missy said...

Have I told you how much I LOVE your blog entries?
I do.
They make me smile and giggle and chortle and laugh right out loud.

LOVE IT... and you :)

Ashley said...

i just got caught up with your life.
you are an AWESOME blogger.
i on the other hand suck.
miss you so much.
i wish you would call,
or email me.
im so lazy.
please know i love you,
and value you.

sarah said...

oh man, e...
i love your stories!
the nosebleed?! oh goodness!
too, too funny. :)

and i printed that RR recipe.
she bugs the crap out of me too.
but the few recipes i've tried of hers have been tasty.

where are you moving too?
did I miss that post?

staceyfike said...

oohhhhh! i was all over ed grimley "i must say". even the cartoon but it only lasted a couple months i think. hmmmm...i'm off to search youtube!

gabbyfek said...

ooooh. in fact, i'm giggling harder b/c i'm thinking about strange brews now-- another good way to stop a nose bleed.
jelly coming!

essie said...

I miss you! You public bleeder, you!

the Nisa snaps are fabo, fabo, fabuloso!!

My music link is broken, and I think we need a phone call!!!

Kirsten said...

I love how you make me laugh.
a book I tell you.
You need to put all these freakin' boylies stories + nosebleed in a book.
that is good stuff.

Julie Ann said...

Awesome photos!!!

genevieve said...

hi there e, mother of jaxon's brotherfromanothermother. JAXON WON'T JUST SAY GARFIELD EITHER!!!! and besides that, i think we were tortured by that movie about a billion and ten times before i finally took it back. and besides THAT, the photos are gorgeous, i'm thrilled to hear that you went grown-up shopping and lunching and before i write a book i'm going to stop.xog2

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

love your pics! so cute!