Thursday, December 07, 2006

Angles and Angels

Story of the day:
Gabby got me a shirt that says "ANGEL" across the front.
The first time I wore it Colten asked "Why are you wearing a shirt that says angle?"
No buddy it says "angel" "ohhhhhhhhh..."
So yesterday I had on an AE hoodie that says "Eagle" across the front.
Coley said "Ahh, angel, because you are an ANGEL!" (Obviously he wanted something at that moment) "No buddy, this one says eagle" "ohhhhhh...well you're no eagle, so don't go getting any ideas and start spitting food in my mouth ok"

So I'm working at my own pace on my Christmas journal, but loving it....
Christmas journal of the day (errr....a few days ago really):
Here is Day one (the manifesto....let's just say that word a few you say it w/ an accent? me too)
- Day two (my feelings on snow, aka the weather in NC)
and Day three (Christmas cards, or lack there of, see previous post) ...
All done and scanned....
When Gabby is here I'll have her take some photos
of the lot of it....
because I am not a scanner fan (ner?)...
and the scanner is not a fan of me.
enuf said.
See if I were digital, you'd see that day 2 is 2 different size pages, but the back of day three is snowflake it works out....
I could scan that...yes, that's true. but I didn't.
And page 2 of Day 3 is to clip the cards we receive, hence the lack of much going there.
(the little ribbon tree was going to be our card this year...cough cough....but now at least it's on something!)

I thought this journal would encourage me to blog more
...but clearly that's not going to happen. xxxe


Latharia said...

I love all of the tiny details, like the closure on the bottom-most page. BLOG MORE! :D

Vee said...

beautiful pages!

Julie Ann said...

Awesome pages. Where did you get the crocheted flowers? Did you make them? I love your style for all of these pages.

sarah said...

your journal is looking fantastic!
how fun e!
and funny are your boys?
no spitting food into my mouth?!
bwahahahaha! :)

jill said...

I don't know you and you don't know me..But I SOOO SOOOO much enjoy reading your blog...LOVE the journal,maybe I'll start mine...ummmm Next Year...
in TN

Rachelle said...

LOVE your ribbon tree
LOVE that you're working on your journal.
LOVE to see you posting :)
thinking of u!!

gabbyfek said...

you rock the mostest, sisser friend.
and coley.
killing me, smalls.
love these pages so so so much. cannot wait to see the journal in person. next weekend, yes?
love you.

Dorothy said...

Beautiful first page of your journal. Very effective!

Missy said...

oh man, you have more talent in your PINKY than I do in my whole body!!!

you rock :)

and gabby's killing me with "killin' me smalls"

Mara said...

truly gorgeous.
so happy to see an e post.

Jenn said...

Beautiful work! I really love those crocheted flowers!

Eleni said...

Briliant ... and you had me giggling while reading!! :D

nat said...

Gorgeous - I so love those crocheted flowers - total eyecandy and fantastique journaling here!

beshka said...

mmmmmm...lots of eye candy! your journal is awesome!! love love love it!! :)