Monday, July 09, 2007

Between loads

More red on the top 50 list...
thanks to a fantastic lake weekend.
This week we should be able to mark "make Popsicles" off the list thanks to this fabulous Crate&Barrel purchase.
(technically this was what Jack found immediately upon entering the C&B and because it's a very 6ft-of-stacked-glasses-kinda-store and Jack is a got-to-touch-it-kinda-guy, we told the Jack he could get it if he held it while we looked in the store for a other words he wasn't able to touch because his hands were full....brilliant form of bribery, eh?)
Anyway, today I think we're making orange juice and grenadine.... and once I make it to the grocery and have something other than OJ some sort of fruit smoothie pops for breakfast.
Cuz it's getting hot up in heeeer....
And that sounds good.
Can't wait to get my film developed and some pics posted of the trip...
No more lake relaxing for me though....
I have a ridiculous amount of laundry to do before we leave again on Friday for the race.
Like how in the world did we wear that many clothes ridiculous...
it's bad.


sarah said...

smoothie pops for breakfast sound great!

looking forward to lake pics!

Genevieve said...

i wuv that red pop-icle fing. come share jackyjack! xojaxon

gabbyfek said...

smoothie pops for breakfast for ME.
but i'll eat like 6 in one sitting.
sorry, yo.
can't freaking wait to see you.
love yous guys!

jennyrosser said... know that Pooh is still being held hostage at my house. You might want to give a girl a call or SOMETHING!
Miss you

Missy said...

lake relaxing sounds FABULOUS.
you guys have an amazing and safe trip!

essie said...

hey you!
back from the beach...snaps to follow...
I hope the race is a tremendous success, and I'll be thinking of you all-

hugs and love

cheryl said...

LOL - I miss reading your blog! Glad to see you are having a fun summer! Smothie pops. Yummy! And the clothes and vacation thing. Yeah. What IS that?!?

essie said...

I miss you more-how was the race?