Monday, July 30, 2007

July 30th?!?

I can not believe it's almost August.
The last month has been kind of a whirlwind...
The lake, the race, the Gabby here for a week, soccer camp for a week, times all three boys....and this weekend, my sister-in-law's wedding.
So far we've...
Just chilled (a lot)
Lost teeth (2)
Run races (I am SO proud of this boy) ...and raised $5,400 to help with eating disorder awareness and treatment.For soccer this summer he was required to run 50miles, and get 500touches on the ball. The soccer part was a piece of cake...but not being a "runner" the 50miles was rough....but he stuck with it, and now is running 2miles a day....which I think is really impressive. And frankly might just inspire his lazy mother to try and do the same....

Watched the Brewers win (Boppa and Grandma got us some awesome the boys know that the players aren't suppose to look like ants when you go to games...and we may be in trouble)

Became very teenager-ish all of a sudden

Went to the ZOO with Aunt Gabby (and it was actually warm enough for ICEEs....small Cleveland miracle)
Touched sting rays...
Explored the super cool Metro Parks (with Aunt Gabby),
the boys who thought that idea was horrible...and became whiny at the idea of basically want to visit the park EVERYday....

The minnow catcher
The Dirty DancerThe Goof
I LOVED having Gabby here. We had just the best time doing practically nothing.
She took some fabulous photos of us....
and reminded me that the instant gratification of digital is pretty wonderful.
We also got to meet RachelC and Wendy....
just SUPER sweet.
Glad to know there are some normal people in the Cleveland area...

OK, wish me luck, I have yet to find a dress for the wedding this weekend.
it's borderline ridiculous at this point.
Photos of the gala event next post....
or when I get the film developed,
which ever comes first.


sarah said...

this post makes me smile!
all those good things that have been happening around your place lately!
fun, summery things. love it.

Marmot said...

love the pics.
real jealous of the gabby/erika combo.
so glad i got to see you for at least a small while...

Missy said...

ummm can I come live with you next summer?
I'm quiet (ok not really) and very low maintenance :)

essie said...

At least I know things are alive and clearly climbing at the Treehouse!

Jason Ebeling said...

Have I told you guys how much we miss having your cool family around back here in NC? Kids look great and looks like you guys have been making the most of your summer. Able to find a church as cool as Discovery yet? :-)

gabbyfek said...

i lub you the mostest
and wish i was there...
so the bestest time.
miss yous guys.

Sarah said...

I have so enjoyed all of these photos. Such handsome boys!!!

cheryl said...

How wonderful to catch up with you - and yep. All of the sudden your boys look SO much more mature!!! Have fun at the wedding!

Ashley said...

i miss you like crazy.
how are you?!
i hope you are settling in,
and the boxes are gone.
i think about you!
it looks like your summer has been rad...and your boys could seriously not be more beautiful.


RACHEL =) said...

LOVE all the pictures!!! Sounds and looks like you guys had an awesome time!!!

Can't believe how big your boys have gotten, my gosh!!!

AND I sooooooooooooo loved meeting you and Gabby!! It was so so so awesome! :) Now when do you want to get together again?!?!?!

Latharia said...

Great photo retrospective ... and yeah, the summer is flying by!!!