Monday, December 17, 2007

WhiteOut Conditions

It snowed ALL weekend...
this was out my front door...
so apparently it's going to be our first white Christmas in a long time.
The boys were hoping for a snow day...all the surrounding towns, and even the private schools in our town are closed today...but my kids had school.
They were thrilled.
Jack however is home sick.
I cannot get the boy well. Poor thing.
I feel horrible for him....hopefully the other two avoid the stomach flu so we're ALL well for Christmas.
That would be nice.

I should also add that I never intended for my last post to imply I hate the state of Ohio...because I don't.
I just am not a fan of my town.
I would never judge an entire state by one town...if so then I wouldn't be a fan of NC...and I LOVE North Carolina.
Ohio is gorgeous.
Cleveland has an amazing park system that can make you feel like you're not even in a city...and Columbus is seriously cool. (and I'm not even saying that to brown nose Missy.)
Hello, they have boys would have season tickets if we weren't moving.
So, Ohio = good....Solon = not so good.
That's all.


Jessica F said...

Woah! Brrrrr. I've never been in anything like that! Stay warm and safe :)

sarah said...

can you send me some of that snow?
i'd really like a white christmas...but it looks like we're just going to have a wet christmas instead. :(

poor jack.
hope he gets over the crud!
sick at christmas is not cool.


Missy said...

awww sweetie :)
I was thinking of you when our meteorologist said 8-12 inches in CLEVELAND!!
and school?
are you serious??
that snow would have freaked out the folks down here... I think we'd be closed for a week.

No hate for ohio... I totally understand where you're coming from... you couldn't pay me to live in some of the snotty suburbs around here... ;)

you know I still love ya!!
and I need your addy for our xmas card :)

essie said...

just kisses from your euro-trash girlie, who would LOVE her some snow!
Baby, it's COLD outside over here!

Mara said...

it's yuck-o here too.
see, you could move to chicago.
it's like snowy ohio.
but better.
and we have pizza.

cherylol said...

Hey girl! Happy New YEar! are you moving already??? I agree Ohio is nice - minus ALL THAT SNOW. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Vegas is warm. ;-)

essie said...

um-I'm ready for gabby to post.
use your bigsisser-ness on her, please and thank you!