Monday, January 14, 2008


The game itself...not hilarious.
(Actually sort of weird.)
Jack SAYING the name of the game....
"Wayman Wabbing Wabbits"....
OH soooo funny. ..
I'm horrible...
and I've only made him say it a million times...
but it's priceless...really.

I have so much to "catch up" on....but I have just one more piece of Jackfun....
His letter to Santa this year.Touch the carrots buddy and pay the price....


Amber Nichole said...

hope all is well friend.
i know i've been mia.
but i just wanted to take the time to say hello.
xo an

Mara said...

jack = funny.
i missed your posts, ma'am.
glad you're back?!?!

essie said...

Oh my stars!
Let Jack know that I have 2 Jacks in my class (Yes, I do call them "Jack-Jack" when I'm teaching!!) but neither of them are as bang on the money as Treehouse Jack, no way, no HOW!

Oh, I miss you guys!
Remember the Chicken Pox Xmas and Gingerbread lattes?!!
All my loves loves loves to you!

Missy said...

isn't raving rabbids horrendous!!??
I can't believe the smacking the rabbids in the car game. insanity.
We try to avoid that one in our house.

and I have a feeling Con and Jack would have some pretty heelarious conversations ;)

RACHEL =) said...

LOL, how cute!!!
Love hearing about the kiddos!
Miss you - we need to catch up - and get together :)

Darcy said...

hahaha!! Love the little Jack note. =)

Anonymous said...

u don't know me, but i actually found your page because of the "[name] needs" game. obviously, im erika, too :) your kids are georgeous! and wut kind of camera do u have!?! its wonderful! if you want to pry, like me, my url is

gabbyfek said...

wascally wabbits.
love the jackman.
love you.