Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night...

This deliciously ooey-gooey dark haired perfect headed baby...in fact...
quite possibly the MOST beautiful baby boy ever to grace the earth...

Turned NINE on Sunday.

He has worn these sunglasses constantly since turning nine.
Even when it has been overcast, or it's been pitch black out. Thus adding yet another nickname to the oley arsenal of nicknames. Colin started calling him Corey Hart....and about made me pee my pants.
Here are some more photos of Corey before my battery died.
Yeah, I checked the other two cameras...all batteries dead. Go figure.
His best buddies came over for movies, pizza, cake and ice cream.
Oh, and a fun little game called tackle football on the stairs...
loved that one.

Fun weekend.

Now today Jared is home from school sick with yet another yaktastic delight.
I honestly need all illnesses to leave us alone for the rest of the year. We've all been sick WAY too much this one...
And my puketacular dealer of vomit is currently in a minivan on his way to his new job in Arkansas...
It's packed full of clothes, an air mattress, a tv, some photos, a ton of food....and a goldfish named SharkBait.
I actually think there may be a country song about this....
My husband left this morning and he won't be back until March.
(Hopefully SharkBait likes Pearl Jam...poor SharkBait)

OH, by the way...
We're moving again.
To Arkansas.
Our third move in two years.
All I know about Arkansas is that my friend Ashley Wren is from there.
I believe she described it as "Stupid El Dorado Crappy Arkansas" so I have high hopes...HA!
Oh, and did I mention she moved OUT of the state?!?! Yeah...so she's not even there to hang out with... Very sad for me...

Speaking of the amazing talented Ashley Wren...
I am so going to do this... and this.

I love her mind.
And man did I love Juno.


essie said...

oh my stars...Arkansas?!
HoLy MeSs!!
Why oh WHY couldn't you have been sent HERE...to ME...all the way across the ocean?!!
I have one friend from college who lives in Little Rock, and she is wonderful...we have other friends who lived there for a year and a half who made it out okay.

There is HOPE, and remember our (your) every third move rule...If GERMANY can work for me, ya never know about Arkansas, sista!

I love you...and the tease of Coley-O almost made me think Gab had delivered BabyFek!!

sarah said...

yeah, that's pretty much all I know about Arkansas too.

and thanks...
I wear my sunglasses at night
(so I can so I can...)
is on repeat in my head right now!


gabbyfek said...

he was the MOST perfectly beautiful baby i've ever seen. seriously. ever. he beats out all celeb babies, too. take that, shiloh.....
i miss my oleybob.
and everyone.
wah. sniffle.
i love yous guys.
and essie makes me giggle. 16 lb baby for me? sure!

Jason Ebeling said...

Sure you don't have any options to head back to NC. We still miss you guys here....and Lora's still waiting for that email/phone call thingy you say (and have proved) that you're no good at.

Hope everyone gets healthy and you survive the rest of the winter.

Missy said...

Happy Bday Corey!! heee digging the glasses... seriously.

and Arkansas?
oh my heck.
whatcha gonna do there??
at least it won't snow as much ;)
damn lake effect.

Darcy said...

Oh. I love an Erika post. =) I love that he's worn his shades since the big day. =)
Are you an aunt yet???