Monday, February 11, 2008

Nothing to Report (yet)

Dear Max-

I just wanted you to know that I really love the slippers you got me for Christmas.
I wear them all the time. They keep my feet nice and warm, which is really great here because it's like 6 million below zero. (That is just an estimate, but I'm pretty close I think)

I'm thinking you're anxious about the new arrival...
so I just wanted you to know that if you need some time away, you're welcome to come stay with the boys and me for awhile. I figure with the noise level here, and a few friendly games of Nerf cross-bow vs. Max, a new baby will be no biggie.
So, take us up on that offer if it gets too stressful there...but I think it's going to be just fine.

Now be a good dog and don't eat the sofa while they're at the hospital. Ok?!?
Love you....Auntie Erika

No news yet y'all....but I promise to update as soon as there is...


gabbyfek said...

max says our sofa doesn't taste nearly as good as yours. but he thinks your slippers look just as delicious as mine did. ;)
nerf cross bow.
i'm going to suggest that.
looooooove you.
(and so does maxwell)

essie said...

this was an excellent read!!
not as good as the arrival news will be, but a very very close second!!
I miss you and want some slippers too!
ps-remember to keep Max away from the window sill...

Missy said...

we're waiting patiently.. for now. :)
that babyfek is taking his own sweet time...
I think he's all about the build up ;)

Mara said...

can i come over?
i'm pacing here!!
love the slips.