Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cousin LOVE

The littles sported Evansen "tattoos" to school today
(brilliant idea Es).... Jared informed me in no uncertain terms....that having a heart with another boys name on it on his hand was NOT an option... got it buddy.


laura said...

VERY cute! That is so sweet of them. :)

Mara said...

I see that Aunt E won't be the only spoiler in the W family.:)

essie said...

Love the Jack.
Love the Coley-o.
Love the Jared.
Super Love their Momma!
(Colin, you know I love you too!)
I was thinking...if you download skype, we CAN talk everyday, for FREE! (I got spoiled too!)

sarah said...

that is SO cute!!!

Rita said...

awww..that is so cute! i think your jared is around the same age as my Alex, so I can totally see the "" comment!! hee.

Emily Pitts said...

you have no idea who i am, but pass on my congrats to your family on the new baby. that's a happy thing! :)

Susan said...

ha. i love the tattoos and i love jared's little comment too!!! so funny :)

essie said...

Okay...we're not quite a week in, and it's time for Evansen updates, or I'll hold the gummi-peni hostage!!

I miss you! Download Skype please!!
hugs and love to O-hi from Germany