Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pretend that it's Tuesday. Except tomorrow is still Friday....

Did I actually say I would be back tomorrow on Monday?
Silly me.
I have no good excuse.
I am a bit of a creature of habit...
and not having a computer at home for over a month...
I have to remind myself I can actually use the computer now...
and I've sort of fallen into a pathetic little morning routine that involves coffee
and watching the dvr'd reality shows that Colin refuses to watch with me...
in my pjs.
Now I'm trying to work back into the coffee/computer routine...
or at least the blog routine.
some of the computer time can just end.
seriously...not necessary.

I've not had a ton to blog about...
it's been rainy...
and we've been inside.
I shall blame the rain for my inability to prioritize what I should do around the house....
like for instance....
the house is a pit of disaster?
How about I WASH and sort the legos.
all 750 million of them.
Logic. Where has mine gone?
Also please note that in my mind this would just take a minute...
2 hours later...
with a kitchen table full of legos...
and nothing to PUT the freshly WASHED and sorted legos in...
I decided, this was not my best idea.
(and who washes legos anyway?!?)

Legos though are in fact fabulous.
One of the few "toys" I do not regret buying the boys
they still play with them.
They better still play with them
they're all clean now...


sarah said...

i have two bins of legos in my closet. should i send them to you for washing too? ;)

legos are one of the best things ever...except when you step on one barefoot. ooouchhhh!


gabbyfek said...

how is the jack-man's mouth?!?!?!
and i love your routine.
and the fact that you washed the legos.
if it makes you feel better
kathy washed the ones that becca gave her to give to ev.
there you go.
my favorite people.
that's who wash legos.

pakosta said...

I am so mad at my husband because when we moved 3 years ago he threw away massive amounts of legos. Let me just say thousands of dollars worth that were given to me by a family that I nannied for. at least that's my best case for what happened to them! I am still MAD as can be about that! and so are my girls! oh and he threw away all the playmobile too! UGH!!!!!!!
love legos!

Missy said...

We love legos.
Connor's actually made air on our 5pm newscast last night and he got a shout out for his lego building skills... we had them on because a lego store opened here yesterday... which we will be making a trip to today :)

Now I feel the need to go wash legos.
And I did soak all the bath toys in a sink full of bleach water last night ;)

And when you wrote silly me... it made me think of connor because that's his new favorite phrase :)

I've missed you! welcome back to blog-land.

Shaun said...

You crack me up! I once washed all of our legos and then organized them. You are not the only silly, lego washing girl in the world.
Love ya!

essie said...

love you, i do.