Tuesday, July 14, 2009

well. alrighty then...

almost a month later.
and the computer is

colin is in the process of "fixing" it.
shouldn't be much longer now...

so I'm online sporadically.
missing my blog reading.
and facebooking.
and blogging.

i figured while jared was at soccer,
and colin and jack at the ballfield,
i'd just stop in and say hi.

we got back from our 10 day whirlwind tour of the midwest on sunday.
munster (indiana) for a wedding.
then to the lake for a few days.
and to racine for the race and to see my folks/gabby/mike/evan.

(a few) highlights:
seeing our family(s) and uncle mikes (who we like to pretend is ours as well)
evansen's superstar blonde curls (he has the BEST hair ever)
watching jack banana fish. he loved it. such the fisherman.
my husband driving the boat. oh. so. sexy.
watching the boys tube.
jared water skiing and driving the waverunner sans an adult.
the harley museum (like i didn't want one before. can a harley be a need?!)
the milwaukee art museum (banana wanted to see a "real" art museum)
meeting becky (small shout out)
cheese curds at the yardarm (yUm)
while i'm on a food kick Racine pizza. seriously. good. and really un-gluten free...
watching my boys run the race (minus jack he helped w/ the video-ing)
listening to ev say "Dack"(jack)...unfortunately not so much AuntE.
drawing together in the car. (draw and the pass to the next person to add to...very fun. try it)
the fart machine. funny.
my dads breakfast burritos. i'd like another now. please. (darn it. i'm back on food)
chicago radio stations. getting to hear the gufs. on the radio.

the car ride home. how can 3 boys be fantastic the entire trip and then make me want to jump from a moving vehicle during the trip home. so. naughty.
the mosquitoes. blood sucking bastards. hate them. (don't worry. we have them here too.)
not getting to see some friends.
feeling like we didn't have enough time any one place.
Colin crashing roxy. aka the truck. (we won't dwell on this one. k?)

i took SOooo many photos.
which of course i can't show you until someone...i won't mention any names...fixes the computer.
it will be fabulous to relive my vacay later...in photos.
but for now.
pretend you can see us boating. running. and obviously eating.
i'm the fat one with the ridiculously long hair...

and a story.
without a photo.

i might have slammed jack's foot in the truck door the other day.
it hurt.
i felt horrible.
i apologized.
he said. still crying a little...
"it's ok. i forgive you."
a few seconds later.
"you know how when you break a mirror, and you have seven years of bad luck? well. there should be something like that for people that slam their child's foot in the door."

hopefully it won't be a month before i'm back.


sarah said...

dear colin. please fix e's computer. i miss her! thanks! love, sarah.
* * * * *
i was SO happy to hear you surprised gab for her bday. how FUN was that?! your 10 day trip sounded so fun! you know, minus the crab-pots on the drive home, the mosquitoes and the crash (everyone okay?)
i look forward to seeing the photos!
miss you!

Esther said...

good lord
seriously i do...there should be some sort of 7 year mirror issue just because of that!

kisses to you, let the boys know we're looking for treehouse leprechaun-ness next week...i'm thinking shillelagh sticks...hmm

mr tony will build a harley for you...with a darth vadar on it, b/c now you've come to the dark side with the rest of miranda drive!!
i love you!!

Ashley Wren said...

blood sucking bastards.
love this.
miss you.
how are you?
love you.
enjoy the absence of cyber-space.
it will all be right here when you get back.