Thursday, June 19, 2008

Alex's Run

If you're in the Milwaukee-Madison-Chicago area and want to support a good cause.
The race site has been updated.
The race is July 12th at 9am.
You can mail your registration in, or just register at 7:30 the day of the race.
It's a wonderful way to celebrate Alex's life, by honoring what she loved doing.

I wish I could say we'd be there this year, but unfortunately moving every year has put a damper on our funds, so we'll be praying for the race from home this year.
Much love to everyone that will be there....


gabbyfek said...

we's going to miss you.
love you.

Jason Ebeling said...

I'm sure it doesn't get any easier. Every time I put on the race shirt, I pray for you guys.

essie said...

Like I said, you have honored your sister and her memory in moments, minutes, hours, so many ways-she knows that you are there...

Let Gab "lead the charge" this summer; you gear up for next year, and who knows...maybe I'll be able to make it and we can "Thelma and Louise" our way to Wisconsin for the race. If we start planning now, we can make it so.

I'm in...what do you think?!

essie said...

I need new do I get one again? I need the etsy link.

Ricky said...

Taylor was just asking me when it was going to be held this year....Now I can give her the answer.
We shall be there with bells on!

XO Helena and The Girls