Tuesday, June 24, 2008

KoolAid Banners of Joy

it's HOT and we miss this there, i said it....we miss Solon.
pigs have officially taken flight.

pink lemonade kool-aid does not leave a moustache...so in an attempt to get a photo of sweaty dirty kool-aid moustached boy faces
instead of just sweaty dirty boy faces....
i will wait for cherry, or tropical punch kool-aid day.
they only get kool-aid in the summer. because of the amount of fluid they drink....
and the cost of juice.
it's a bad thing, but it's something they look forward to.
kool-aid = kiddie crack.
that's all i'm saying.
i was getting some the other day with coley...
who remarked "wow, you're getting a LOT of kool-aid"
(10 packets)
i said "well, it's 10 for a dollar"
WOW replied the middleman...."THAT is a GREAT deal"
yes, an excellent deal for artificially flavored, and colored what is it Col? citric acid? nastiness...
Liquid gold when you're little.

ok, on an unrelated note.
how does one make a blog banner? I've been so lucky to have Hanni and then Nisa make me mine....and now it's been over a year, and I'd like a new one...
and surely it must be within my abilities...?!?
although, maybe not...
maybe not wouldn't surprise me in the least.
email me if you have any knowledge of such things....
i'd love you forever.


Missy said...

I bet Solon misses you ;)

I have NO CLUE how to make a freaking banner.
They frustrate me to no end.
And I'm due for a new one, too.

gabbyfek said...

i loved that pool
ev wants to visit it
just YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!

Jason Ebeling said...

Can't believe you think Kool aid is a bad thing. How can anything that tastes so good be bad?

Emailed you some help on a banner.

Christy said...

Koolaid = kiddie crack... that is hilarious!!!

I'm sorry but I have no idea how to make a banner. Let me know if you find out cuz I could use a new one too. ;)

Ricky said...

WHEW, I thought I was the only mean mommy who put the brakes on Kool-aid...glad to see I'm in good company. Now if I could wrangle the soda consumption to zero and pump up the vitamin water.
xo Helena