Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Put the snacks down ma'am, and nobody gets hurt.

I think they intentionally make you wait at the pharmacy for just an absurd amount of time,
so that you inevitably wander around the store and collect things.
Like it really takes 30minutes to place the prepackaged medicine into the bag?!
We left today with a snickers bar, a sprite, a Hershey's bar, some planter's nuts, some kashi golean roll bars, a vitamin water, some dark chocolate calcium supplements, some sharkies for kids, and...two inhalers. Wha?!? I don't get it.
So Jack might have asthma (got to love doctors when they clearly have no idea)
...he goes to the ear, nose and throat doctor Monday.
Until then, I believe we have a few snacks to tide us over....

And, can I just say I'm so excited about this premiere tonight....
I laughed so hard when they took Monkey to the vet last season...I cried.
Just a train wreck...
I can't wait.


sarah said...

I'm so bummed I don't get bravo...
I miss out on all the fun shows.

stupid pharmacy...
but yay for lots of snacks ;)

gabbyfek said...

snacks = gooooooooood.
poor jackman's tonsil = not so good.