Saturday, September 02, 2006

Yesterday, Today....and Tomorrow

Jessie challenged everyone to
"make a list of what you did and will do...
thoughts you had
literal or not
funny or serious
a written snippet of your life
...then make a scrapbook page out of it eventually"

LOVED this idea....

Was a "rain" day for the boys, so no school (flooded roads)
Colin came home early from work
We checked out a gym
(I remembered when working out a gym was a daily thing, and I
didn't feel as uncomfortable there as I do now...YIKES!)
Hung out a Barnes and Noble
Was convinced by Colin to go to "ladies night out" with the women from church
(got past my initial hesitation about large groups of women, and actually had fun)

Stayed up until 2:30 am
Woke up to Jehovah Witnesses ringing the doorbell, telling us that God create
the world.....and I thought he gave me Saturday to sleep in....silly me....
Decided to update my blog in an effort to avoid picking up sticks in the yard with Colin from the storm that de-branched my trees....
Planning to go to the music store to look in to guitar lessons again for Jared, so
he'll quit asking...
Excited about movie night w/ the boys

We'll go to church
We'll have lunch at Panera
Jared and his team will be ball-boys for the ECU women's soccer game.
(the littles and I will watch the game)
Colin and I will examine the finances to see if there is enough money each month for
that gym membership I really want (perhaps we should give up the Panera after church...hmmm)
I'll work on a card for my friend that moved to Washington state...(she's sad)

Page to follow....thanks Jess. xe


Missy said...

i loved this post :)
sounds like a NICE weekend...
except for the wakeup call ;)

essie said...

okay erika-
i found your blog through Alex's blog. i'm so glad the race was a success. the boys look fantastic and this blog of yours inspired me to set up my own blog...i can't get all the settings straight, (hence the google news link) but it's up.

gabbyfek said...

so many comments.
love you.
ps can mikey and i come to the game tomorrow?

Christy said...

Love this post... so fun! And Panera for lunch tomorrow you say? Yum - I'll be right over - hee! If you haven't yet, you *must* try the Turkey Bravo sandwich and Broccoli Cheese soup... both are DELISH! :)

lisa truesdell said...

any plan that involves giving up panera = not good, imho. =)

Mara said...

the gym...
thanks for the reminder that i belong to one :)
enjoy your long weekend!

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

LOVE BN! Sounds like a great weekend!

Alison said...

Love it girl.
These are all so great.


Jessica F said...

I love love love reading these little snippets of everyones lives! I haven't made my page yet, but I can't wait to see yours if you do make one! xo