Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pass the tylenol with codeine please

My morning started off like this....

a worrisome email from someone I love...
followed by Jack throwing up blood...
quite a bit of it....
an emergency trip to the surgeon's office....
then walgreens...
and now home.
i have not had nearly enough coffee to deal with any of this....
(blood is not my thing)
so i'm going to go retreat to my couch now
to drink possibly the entire pot of coffee while finishing up breaking dawn....
while i wait for the roofer to come,
so i can give him 5 of my hundred dollars
to fix my shingles that are happily sliding off my roof.
(what is that about really?!?)

oh dear.

(jack is ok. i just have to keep an eye on him. scared the momma though something fierce)


Anonymous said...

SO glad he is doing ok...this nurse can handle blood, but when it is from one of my kiddos, I totally lose my mind, so I can imagine what a rough day that was for you, especially without the usual dose of caffeine!
just had to stop by your blog and say hi!!

Christy said...

Omg, scary indeed! Poor Jack... POOR mama!!! So glad he's okay though. Get some rest sweets. ;)

sarah said...

poor jack...
and poor mama!
I'm sure it scared you both.
take it easy today you two!

essie said...

holy crap-
totally calling you today when the time diff. isn't paralyzing!
muwah, muwah, MUWAH~


gabbyfek said...

poor jackyjack
poor poor jack
he needs another manatee
and mama needs more coffee
LOTS more coffee
sowwy for the scawy morning.
dat's scawy <-- was that coley??? hee!
love youuuuuuuuus.

Mara said...

eeeeeeeeeep. bad morning.
glad jack is ok - how do you do this job?? you're a brave one. hope today is better.

Jason Ebeling said...

Hope this day is going better than yesterday. That had to stink. Mine was just throwing up but not blood. Glad he's all better (Hannah is too)

meghan said...

Poor Jack. I am so glad he is ok. I really have blood issues so that would have scared the shit out of me!
Poor mama- hope you got some good coffee (with maybe a little rum?) to help you with the rest of the day.

Darcy said...

oh no!! Glad to hear he's doing better.. poor guy. =(