Sunday, August 03, 2008

Boring Monday

Jack's date night was this weekend.
he decided on bowling and icecream.
actually Jack will probably always pick bowling.
he really loves bowling.
horrible photos in a dark bowling alley, but proof that sometimes it is just important to record the event and the emotion. technical photography out the window.
and personally i love the jack mid-air.... makes me laugh.proof that date-nights pretty much rock. this smile...
Good weekend.
with the exception of my husband having to work both days.
not for long, but still....
and an annoying email received on friday.
that made me want to write an angry blog post,
but "luckily" sitemeter killed my blog,
and made posting impossible.
so no angry post.
which may have been in the form of a haiku just for kicks.
angry haiku.
probably for the better.
the haiku, not the sitemeter. i liked the sitemeter. i was sad to see it go.

and just because
why children should not have cell phones part 2.

"Mom, do you know where my cell phone is?"
"No Colten"
"Mom, really... do you know where my cell phone is?"
"No Colten"
"UGH! JACK do you know where my cell phone is?"
"JARED! do you know where my cell phone is?"
"Why would i know where your cell phone was?"
"UGH! I'm going BACK outside to look for my cell phone!"
repeat a few times a day.
repeat several times a week.

why does he have a cell phone if it's so annoying you might ask?
you might remember me venting about children and cell phones in previous posts, and then actually getting number one a cell phone.
so the most obvious answer to that question is that i'm a hypocrite.
i do have some valid reasons however.
one being that jared frequently gets left at practice usually so i can get someone else to a practice,
sometimes he gets left with a younger sibling. i feel like if something happened to one of them, the cell is the quickest way for them to let me know.
colten would not have a cell phone, but when we moved here colin got a new cell phone at work, and didn't need two...colten jumped at the opportunity.
I rationalized it with the fact he will be riding the bus this year.
AND because we move so much i don't have "emergency contacts" none. nada. no friends.
so we are it.
and if i need to get a hold of my children, well, a cell phone seems to work best.
it still doesn't make me not think it's an excess that kids don't really need....
and it really doesn't take away from the fact that my kid can not use the darn thing.
but, at the current given moment, it's a necessary evil.
someday when i'm back living in a quaint little town like oskaloosa iowa again.
where everyone knows everyone, and things are simple maybe i'll take them away?!?
nah, that would probably be cruel....


Mara said...

do you know where i left my favorite flip flops? i can't find them and that seems like something you'd be good at :)...

good post, e. and please share your angry haiku - i will share my africa, altitude make me delirious haikus.

sarah said...

what I wouldn't give for an angry haiku right about now....
sounds fabulous :)

date night with the jack looked like SO much fun! YAY!

Christy said...

I can't believe how big Jack is getting... CRAZY!!! Your date night looked like SO much fun! Must do this with my girlies soon!

essie said...

piss on your yucky email-that's crap! and in response to a chitty email I GOT, was my rant on my blog!

i love you, and i'll always be an emergency contact for you!
always...even in Germany!