Wednesday, August 27, 2008


how did it get to be wednesday already? hmmm.....

nice visit this weekend with my parents.
they made the very un-scenic car trip out this way.
flat land
flat land
more flat land
yeah, really beautiful.
the boys got spoiled, my mom tried out guitar hero and we all had fun checking out beale street in memphis. (apparently the police officers in memphis are really friendly.
no, jack doesn't normally wear socks with sandals, but we were trying on school shoes. yes, jared is dressed for p.diddy's white party....and yes, both colten and jared think they look really cool in sunglasses.)
I forgot my camera in typical e fashion.
thankfully my dad had his.

let's see, what else...
had a doctor's appointment yesterday for my whoops-i-haven't-had-a-physical-in-five-years checkup. just tons of fun.
i think i remember why i hate going to the doctor again.
some highlights (because clearly I have nothing exciting to talk about today):

he asked me one of my all time favorite questions....
"So, are you going to try for a girl?"
Et tu, Brute?
such a tacky annoying question.
how about "Are you having anymore children?"...

he gave me a print out for the DASH diet (e's blood pressure a little on the high-ish side)
which said, and I quote....
"Eat 1/4 cup of dried apricots instead of a 2 ounce bag of pork rinds. You'll save 230 calories."
umm, last I checked I have never eaten a pork rind, but thank you for your helpful words of wisdom. consider that 230 calories saved....
very helpful...
my blood pressure has been a bit high since we lived in Fayetteville, which was 3 moves or so ago....the doctor there said I should do "yoga breathing".
which when you are chasing small children around is extremely helpful advice.
so I'll just try to practice more yoga while refraining from pork rinds.
it's a wonder why I didn't get my medical degree... seems to me like it's kind of like being a weatherman....

the blood test I want them to run will cost me $500+ out of pocket,
but i could have had a EKG for free (as part of my physical)....
and folks wonder what is wrong with our health care system?!?
no blood test for me,
and no EKG.
it's actually insurance I should be venting about.....
but I choose to vent about it as a whole.

"how was your day today Jack?"
"It was school Mom"
"well, what did you learn then? anything new?"
"Umm, pretty much just stuff I already know"


sarah said...

p.diddy's white party!
dried apricots instead of pork rinds!

both those comments made me laugh out loud!

glad you had a nice visit with your parents! YAY!


jennyrosser said...

Girl you know you love some pork rinds!!! ;) kidding. Still miss you to pieces!

Missy said...

pork rinds!?!?

And insurance companies.
don't get me started.

Here's a plus.
Your boylies are too cute for words.

essie said...

holy cinder block pit bull statue sitting on your old front porch!

WHAT a post.
I'm thinking a trip to germany would help your blood pressure...we COULD go t Transylvania (heh)AND the drinking of lots of beer will help us all.

big hug Momma...big hug!
ps kisses to Lana and Doug!

About Me. said...

I am glad to hear that you had a nice visit with your parents. The photo of the boys on the police motorcycle cracks me up. Not that it is any of my business but are you going for another child? I am happy to hear that you finally went to a doctor for a check up. I am also curious what the blood test you wanted was. Let me know.
Off to Costco before the next round of rain hits.
Have a groovy day!

Christy said...

Heh-heh! Pork rinds and P. Diddy... girl, you make me laugh! I thought I was the only one who slacked when it came to getting physicals. It's been about that long for me too. I'm rebelling. ;)

Have a wonderful holiday weekend sweets!