Monday, August 18, 2008

Wait....I can't sleep in anymore?!? Waaaa....

How many guys does it take to move a sofa?!?....
it actually just took 2,
one to stare at the very large sofa,
and the other to debate how to get it through the not so big door hole....
and one momma to yell
"Watch the woodwork!"
"Ahhh, that's not a good noise!"
"Wha...the?!? WELL, you got it in there, it HAS to come back through"
(in theory)
easier said then done.... that's the last photo I got before I got reprimanded for taking photos during such a serious situation...
thankfully Jared was helping, so after a loooong time,
he figured it out.
THANK goodness.
please ignore the laundry basket,
i was attempting to put laundry away...but couldn't get through the doorway....
there was a big black sofa in the way.
it's in the garage now....hopefully I don't change my mind again....
(kidding Col, kidding)

and looky what found a home in the tv hole.....
a TV! brilliant, huh?!? happy anniversary to us.
the Olympics look even better exciting.
(and of course Jake Ryan always looks good.....hi Jake)

my boys started school today.
I miss them already....
here is Coley at 7am.
he's not throwing gang signs, he's just showing me the grade he's going into....
what might you ask is my darling boy wearing? while some might pick out something new or nice the first child picks out his wrestling t-shirt so "everyone knows not to mess with me". Lovely. and so Colten. In his defense the 5th and 6th graders at his new school are pretty big.

and look at this handsome guy....who was sweet enough to not ride to school with his buddys in order to accompany his little brother on the bus.....(thank you Jared)
5'11" according to the doctor. that is tall. wonder how tall he'll be at the end of 8th grade?!?!

this is "put your arms around each other and show me how much you love each other".....
or not...and my tiny little baby. (who was happy that he was only just waking up as the bigs were leaving)2nd grade?!?! oooh my.
hopefully his "froat" is doing ok. no recess or gym this week....doctors orders.
unfortunately i think those are his favorite "classes".


Christy said...

Oooh, great post, e! Your house looks absolutely gorgeous... I want one. ;) And I love those photos of the boys holding up as many fingers as for which grade they are in... GENIUS! I'm gonna be a copycat and do that with my girls. ;)

Missy said...

I am totally commenting at work - which breaks one of my cardinal rules... but I have to!!

The boys are FREAKING CUTE!!

The sofa has me cracking up.

And is that in HD TV?
I tell ya, the olympics are SO PRETTY on them... especially the swimming. And the opening ceremonies. Now THAT was some cooooooooool television.

(Yes, I'm a nerd)

sarah said...

mmmm...Jake Ryan! :)
the TV looks great there!

and the couch made me giggle.
my girls and I just moved one of our friends from a 3rd floor apartment to a first floor apartment...
we had the same couch problem!
so not fun!

happy 1st day of school to your boys! they look so handsome in those pictures!

essie said...

oh my gracious-5'11...seriously?!!

Pres started Xcountry running today and after his first conditioning practice, announced,
"That's my ONLY conditioning practice!"


big hugs for a grand school year-I report on Wednesday-I'm thinking (as usual) I'll be more nervous than the kinder!

About Me. said...

Great photos, we do the same thing at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year in the same spot and if possible the same outfit. My kids start tomorrow and I am so sad. This is the first year my oldest will need three hands to hold up 11 fingers and my middle son will get to hold up two hands for 6th grade. He is so nervous for middle school he nearly cried himself to sleep.
Did you son's shirt say North or South Carolina? I live in South Carolina which is why I am asking. Jack is looking pretty good.
Hope you have a groovy week.
Love and God bless,

gabbyfek said...

holy crap i love them so.

Mara said...

cutest family ever.
love the tv hole with the new tv.

Meghan said...

You have the cutest boys.
I love it how you take photos on their first day of school. My mom did that every single year and it is so fun to look back at them. How dang cute and hell yeah on that tv situation! Oh and Jake Ryan? One of my faves.