Monday, September 01, 2008


So, Colin is at work now...
and I've been neglecting my blog... so how about some random thoughts.

Gabby posted this sweet photo on facebook the other day.
insert lots of ooooo's and ahhhhhh's...... aren't they adorable?!?
Yeah they are, I totally nabbed this photo from her. (Hi Gab)

So yesterday we were totally bored,
and being the dork that I am, I told Colin I was going to take some pics of us for our profile.
Trying to be cool and cute like Gab (the vortex) Fekete....

Yeah, let's just say, we are SO not cute and adorable.

we were WAY to lazy to like get on the floor, or pose....or anything mildly helpful like that...
soccer was on. I should have known better than to TRY
We amused ourselves tremendously though, and that should count for something.
(read that I amused myself tremendously)

Things I've learned this week:

The sight of blood can make Jack throw up. Good to know.
(I had a bloody nose, dealing with a bloody nose and a gagging child, not the best combo)

Jack wants to play golf. REAL golf with his dad.

Jack wants to try a grapefruit, and he likes peaches. (Jack HATES vegetables, and fruit, how I failed him in this regard....I have no idea....more on that in another post)

Colten has football practice tonight. This is the beginning of the end of free time in the evenings for us...but I like it.

We are having fajitas tonight...and I'm really kind of stoked about it.
Homemade guacamole, oooh I can not wait... good food makes me happy.

2 weeks of school done and over.
I still hate 6:30am.
and packing lunches.
Why is it when they go off to school do i feel like they need a 5 course meal?
in the summer they run in, grab a sandwich and run back outside.
Now I'm trying to make sure they have veggies, and fruit, and nothing processed.
why? I don't know...Madness.
School though, so far, has been great. Thankfully.

We've been REALLY lazy this weekend. Watched a ton of movies.
("It's not called Gym-NICE-tics")

Season 4 of the Office is out tomorrow. (YAY!)

we are really SUPER excited that one tiny small monkey is coming to visit us next weekend. And FINALLY the boys will get to meet that cousin of theirs....
(Stole that pic too Gabby)
We are also pretty darn excited to see Ev's folks too. No visitors all summer, and then family after family....LOVE it.

My kids are awed that some kids (like all the kids here) live near their grandparents and aunts and uncles...."isn't that CRAZY MOM?!?!"


gabbyfek said...

dear my sisser,
i love the pics of you and col.
hopefully the small monkey is happier to see y'all than he was to see georgey today...
hooray for wanting to try grapefruit, jackman.
i loves yous.
see you soon.
the vortex

gabbyfek said...

make me guacamole

Christy said...

Hi Girly :) What a fun post. First of all, I just have to say, WHATEVER!!! Those pics of you and Colin are FABULOUS!!! Seriously. Must.Be.Framed. for sure (after it's scrapped, I hope!) Secondly, how old are you anyway... 20? Gee whiz!. Talk about good genes! Loves to you & the boys. xo

meghan said...

I think those picts are seriously darling! Also what recipe for fajitas are you using? I have been looking for a good one and also YAY for Gabb and Ev visiting!

essie said...

so what you're REALLY saying is that it's time for me to get on Facebook-hmmm.
maybe directions are in order.

kisses to everyone-all the snaps are beautiful...

if you had given me a little notice...I could have sent a little love from Deutschland for all to partake in.

next time!

have fun with the monkey, and, his parents-heh!

About Me. said...

What fun photos of you and your hubby. It sounds like dinner will be quite tasty, I wish I could run over and try it out. Have fun with your sis and her adorable little man.
Talk with you soon.

sarah said...

I have a crazy good recipe for steak ones (actually its good with chicken too). Been craving them lately!

hooray that the boys finally get to meet their cute little cousin! how fun will that be?! YAY!

and lastly...
those pictures of you and C are adorable! I love em. :)