Monday, September 15, 2008

Need vs Want

So for the first time in our married life we are officially credit card free.
As in no more credit card debt.
None, nada.
and it's an amazing feeling.

I remember going into grocery stores when Jared was little and hoping that the card I was using wasn't denied. Holding my breath. Waiting for that stupid receipt to start printing.

It's an amazing thing. how little we had to start with.
Two college kids, and a baby.
Working, both of us, going to school, making no money, not seeing one another...
juggling everything.
Since then we've been trying to get our heads above water...
to rid ourselves of the burden of owing someone else money.
Making little steps forward, and then back. Like a somewhat scary dance.

It seems like a little thing. No credit cards.
But no credit cards for us,
it's somewhat of a little victory in the big picture....
but in our picture. it's a big victory.
To not even have a "little" credit card debt.

I'm trying to teach my boys,
to live carefully and mindfully
and within your means.
to try and always be aware of needs vs. wants
to be grateful and appreciative for all you have.
It's a tricky lesson.
but one in this age of excess that is so incredibly important to ingrain in their beautiful brains.
So that they never have to say they're credit card free.
because they'll have never been in debt.
I want them to be happy, not because they have things that make them happy, but because they are happy regardless of things.


essie said...

yay you!!!
That is AWESOME!
We're almost totally out from under everything (about 4 more months) except our mortgage...

no car payments
(No motorcycle payments, as the 5 we have we OWN!!)
no credit debt.

I feel your happy, sweetie, I really do!!
Now come to Germany.

sarah said...

that is AWESOME!
congrats friend!

Jason Ebeling said...

Super duper happy for you and proud too. Too often people want what you just did to happen but they aren't willing to change anything or make the hard decisions to make it happen. Great job!

Missy said...

Good for you!!
and wise choice on passing the lesson along to the boys... we're working on both of those missions here, as well :)

About Me. said...

Erika, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Wow, I cannot wait until I am credit card free. I am getting there but I still have a ways to go. We will have to discuss this issue offline someday. I would love to know how you are teaching your boys about money and need vs want, etc. Seriously, it is so hard. So it is 11:40 and it is raining and the thunder is loud and I am trying to go to sleep without a pain pill for the first time in almost two weeks. It is not working. But, I am determined to get off those things so I can drive again.
Thanks for you nice comments and please, send your advise on the kids vs money thing.
Have a groovy week,
Love ya!

Amy said...

I'm so happy for you! Now you can take your former credit card payments and put them towards tickets to England!
Love ya!

gabbyfek said...

you are so amazing.
and i am so proud of you guys.
we're getting there...
and i know that breathcatching, please don't deny this card b/c we need to eat feeling.
ugh. it makes my chest tighten to remember it....

... but is it wrong that i still argue that a fog machine is a NEED?!?!
ha. you love me.
maybe moving away from me eliminated the cc debt. boo on me!