Tuesday, September 16, 2008

40 Million Minutes (it's all we have)

Jack has never been a fan of things on his head,
or feet really, but that's not relevant to this story....
So Halloween always consisted of costumes, minus the headwear.....
BuzzLightyear, sans the purple "hat" (ok, and the wings)
Jack just really likes being comfortable... By age three however, being a creative soul, he had to throw comfortable aside, and concern himself with the details of his costume,
For instance....
JangoFett had to have "2 guns Momma, 2 guns"....
and a "jetpack"...
the costumes in the store were so thin and cheaply made (for being fairly spendy)
I don't sew, but figured I'd just fuse some metallic "fabric" to a sweatsuit....
so that brilliant idea was really only going to work if I wanted a melted costume,
so it was hand sewn. (obviously, not very well)
The most important jetpack was a box, some funnels, and Styrofoam balls.
It stayed on his back for approximately 4 and a half minutes.
The helmet, even less time.
He was after that referred to by the treat-giver-outters as the "cute little tin girl".
(think wizard of oz)
Also, good to note that trick-or-treating in NC should never involve sweatsuits plastered with thick metallic material....it makes a nice rubber suit. (think varsity wrestler).
He was the cute little dripping with sweat tin girl...

I've left out the pirate, the spider, and the pumpkin. (all worn without the appropriate mask/hat/or headpiece)

Last year was Darth Vader. With voice changer.... It was really all about the voice changer...
That mask stayed on for maybe ten minutes... This year it's a clone trooper. (Star Wars is huge at my house)
And I'm thinking perhaps we've turned over a new leaf...
Jack was pretty excited when he got home from school and discovered his new clone trooper helmet.

I still give it about 15minutes trick-or-treat night.....

Now to make the clone trooper "sweatsuit" costume.
I love Halloween. (and my boys)


Missy said...

That Jack is the cutest :)
I don't blame him for not wanting to wear a big ole helmet!!

I can't wait to see how this halloween costume fares :)

gabbyfek said...

he's wearing it!
he's wearing it!
i love it so.
that jackman is the best.
even w/o headparts of costumes.