Friday, September 26, 2008

what are you smiling about there smiley pants?

remembered my coupons AND my bags today...
usually i manage to forget one or the other.
still spent $100. lately i can't leave the grocery store without spending $100.
get a little bit - $100
get a lot a bit - $100...
it's like the twilight zone. or groundhog day.
(the movie, not the actual day, that wouldn't make sense)

i read the blogs where people get $250 worth of food that they use every day for like $1.14.

ok, it's usually more than a dollar and fourteen cents,
but i swear...not by much.
i get really excited when i save like 20 bucks.
not sure where i've gone wrong ... i understand the concept, i think i just execute it poorly.
it's a whole sales, in store-savings, coupon combo thing.
every time. What have you got planned this weekend?
We've got soccer.
wait that sounds familar.....
groundhog day.

Happy weekend.

"...she used to be a hamster, and now she's a guinea pig"
-stephanie pratt


Missy said...

yeah... I am no help in the grocery shopping department.

And this weekend we have a birthday party for my niece!! I can't wait :)

gabbyfek said...

i still covet those bags.
and yeah.
i'm the same.
but you're feeding an army of starving boys and i'm just feeding me, the mikey, and one tiny one. somehow that seems wrong.