Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tuesday Ten...

Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Jake and Josh, the cast of High School Musical = VMAs?
I must be old because I was thinking Disney channel....

Honest Kids juice boxes and Jack.
"They'd be MUCH better if they weren't organic" (said "Oh-GAN-nic")
"They taste like nasty medicine"....
they aren't THAT bad...and why so opposed to organic Jack? been talking to your dad?!?

Colten being asked to join the "safety team" at his school.
Someone please inform my child that he doesn't get to dawn full on S.W.A.T attire....there will be no rappelling down the side of the building....he will not get to carry a weapon....and he doesn't get to miss class.

Happy = My friend Amy started a blog.
She lives in England now. Her girls grew up with my boys. and I miss her like CRAZY.
I'm hoping she'll let me link her here and then you too can get to know my jack-of-all-trades super-talented friend.

Jack Banana needs this. Coley should probably have this. and Jared is too big... He now has me shopping in dimly lit stores that reek of cologne and are overpriced.

Jared is going to be 14 in 2 weeks. fourteen.

Halloween. I'm so excited. SO excited. Thinking Dog (the bounty hunter) and Beth.

Pumpkin spice lattes are back. Gosh I love Fall.

I have to have surgery on my foot. Feet really. but you don't say feet surgery. right? it's foot surgery. So the doctor was telling me about the sawing and cutting of my bone. (yeah, ewwww...) and then asks if I have any questions.
(I'm assuming he meant regarding the cutting and sawing and pinning of my bone), so I said...
Yes, the nurse scheduled the surgery for October, and we have soccer tournaments all next month....can we make it November instead of October?
Soccer in our house, very important folks. WAY more important than pain.
God, Family, Soccer. in that order.

I love my husband. and our emails:
ordered jareds $100s in goodness. had to pay a butload in shipping to get it here by friday.rock on. xe

what was $100? Thot the package was $55. Oh well. Guess we will have to buy him work clothes someday anyway. Think he is excited about reffing.

extra shirt and shipping. shipping and shirt were about the same price actually ;)
yeah, i think he's excited. he'd be less excited if we made him pay for the ref stuff.

yeah, but we're such great parents. Even if I do swear too much. Everybody has to have one flaw right?

right ;) i love you.

i effin Love you too!


sarah said...

you and your posts always make me smile!

dog and beth?! LOVE IT!!!

boo on the "feet" surgery though.
no fun at all! :(

gabbyfek said...

i love you, sisser
and yous wonky feet.

essie said...

okay...so friends in England AND Germany...where one son is officially playing on a LOCAL soccer-I mean football team now!

I'm thinking a trip across the pond is SOOOOOOOO overdue. Tell Dog I said Beth needs a "vay-cay."

Mahalo, my friend!

meghan said...

Ok really this email between the two of you cracked me up. I especially love the part about swearing! My mom keeps telling me after ABD is here they think I will stop saying fu** so much or I will have a little boy running around saying it. ;)