Wednesday, September 17, 2008

6:30am-4pm Yesterday

So for fun I decided yesterday to photograph a "day in our life"...
We move so much I would love to be able to look back and see what is the same and what is different about each place...hindsight, eh?
May as well start now.
No pictures of Colin yesterday, he was a work before I got up. That usually happens a few days a week.
I get up at 6:30, and get the bigs up.
They get ready, and eat breakfast. No pictures of them eating....they were thinking I'd lost my mind for photographing them so I was easing them into paparazzi day....
Jared doing his hair...
Always amusing, no matter what state we live in....

While they eat I make lunches. Colten had his standby Cheerios with honey on it. (ewww) and Jared had hard-boiled eggs. Here is Coley giving me the evil eye....while playing soccer in the house.....
I can still see the soccer ball Cole, no soccer in the house....This is the first time Colten has ever taken the bus to school, and Jared and Colten take the same bus. (different schools, same bus)
Colten is ridiculously concerned about not being late. He makes Jared crazy.
So I think Jared takes even longer to get ready just to annoy him. (It works)
Shoe number one going on....
Coley muttering something under his breath about the camera and his brother taking an hour to put shoes on....Shoe number two going on....and Jared muttering something about how "you can't be early to the bus, it comes at the same time everyday" (This conversation takes place every morning)
prayers, and they're gone.
7:05am.When the bigs leave, I wake up the Jack....not the easiest part of my day.
He is not a fan of mornings.... He has breakfast, today it was oatmeal...and we talked about his Farrah Fawcett bangs...
I get ready, he watches tv.
7:50am prayers, and we leave.Jack asking me if I'm really going to keep taking pictures of "nothing"...
We get in the truck and there is a pumpkin spice latte waiting for me.
No I'm kidding, I wish though, wouldn't that be nice?
(Someone forgot to throw their trash away from yesterday)
Jack decides that taking photos of "nothing" is a great idea, and he takes over the camera....
His school is literally across the back field, and he should be walking. But he's my baby, and his brother is at a different school this I indulge him, and drive him around the block.8am I'm home. and usually I zone in front of the computer for awhile. Return emails, blog, get sucked into the timesuck known as Facebook.....
Then I pick up.
How come the shoes in my house multiply? Please note the three piles I picked up, and the fact this was after the boys were gone to school. (and Colin to work)
Laundry and vacuuming, these things NEVER change, no matter where we live...
I think I could do laundry all day everyday.
Cleaned some more, and made the boys chocolate popcorn.Started some stuff for dinner, but unlike Pioneer Woman, I can hardly walk and chew gum at the same time. Cooking and taking photos, way too much for me.

Got some stuff out to work on a project for my friend amy,
and spend no less than 50mins looking for my circle cutters.
(one major annoyance of moving, ...especially when you know where they were in the old house)2:50.
The back gate in our yard... Jack's nemesis, the ditch....
No homework for Jack. But he did declare he'd learned something at school, so that was an improvement. (Normally he tells me he's learning things he knows). Predicates.

3:50. "You're still taking pictures Mom?!?"Having some popcorn, backpack still on....
4:00. Also not thrilled to see the camera again.
Backpack still on....but popcorn has been discovered. (I swear, I feed them)Gmail/Facebook, shoveling popcorn in his mouth. Talking to friends he just saw no less than an hour ago. He did tell me about his day prior to assuming this position.I'm going to pick up at 4pm tomorrow, because this seems long enough for now.
It's not an exciting life, but it's mine. and I love it.
I'm so thankful for my husband he works so hard so that I can stay home and take care of our home, and our children.
I am a lucky girl. I love you Colin!


Sara Brown said...

Hey! it's Sara
love your blog! Jared isn't much of a morning person haha me neither

sarah said...

LOVE seeing the day in the life!
love the picture of you helping Jack across the ditch...
such a great idea to document this!

chocolate popcorn?
yeah, I'm gonna need that recipe ;)
my mom makes me peanut butter popcorn on occasion...I'm thinking the two mixed would be fantastic!


essie said...

love it!
you guys crack me up!
and this makes me miss you even more-and that someday I would really like to be
instead of a gov. apartment on base.



gabbyfek said...

i love you.

h.A.i.L.e.E a.S.h.T.o.N said...

hey. hailee here. haha im not a morning person either...the fam says hi...and my mom said tht u take amzing pics! i agree. and omgsh i cnt get over how old they look and how tall jared is wow

meghan said...

This is one of my favorite blog posts I have read in a long time. Your boys are so darling and I love it that you do prayers and then you make them chocolate popcorn. What a wonderful mama you are.