Thursday, September 18, 2008

Of course I'll buy that...

It's the beginning of the school year, which means fundraisers.
I completely understand that they are a necessary evil. Schools need money.

However, seeing as how we are friendless here in our new town.
The buying of the raisers is on us. (and our families)

Jack came home last week with his catalog of wrapping paper, and chocolates,
and tales of the wonders of winning "top 20 sales in the school"....
an ice cream sundae party, sales prizes...pony rides and parades. (maybe not the last few)
He has looked over the prize list with such he's never had a toy
ever in his entire life....
light up, flying, spinning, furry, bits of magic.
Any and all of which can be his, if his parents buy 200 items from his catalog.
Why are you selling this Jack?
I'm not really sure momma....

Then Colten arrived home. A similar tale of a limo ride party, just for the top 20 kids....
Just buy cookie dough he explained. I want to ride in the limo.
And, he too had a prize list that was carefully and thoughtfully examined.
and reexamined.
and discussed among the brothers.

and then this week,
Jack came home and explained his class needed money.
Oh no I thought.
It must end.

Don't worry Jack said.
I'm using my own.
We're raising money for St. Jude's Hospital.
It helps sick kids he explained.
I never heard about the pizza party to the room that raised the most.
or the chance to get a gift card.
Just that he'd be giving $20 of his money he's saved.
because kids need it mom.
kids that are sick need it....

Kids are cool. They get it.
You don't have to bribe them with incentives, and prizes.
They are so much wiser than adults give them credit for.
Of course they all want the spinning pencils that light up and fly around the room if it's offered.
But even without it, they would collect money for their class. For their school.
Explain the need, explain the situation.
People fail to talk to kids like they understand.
They get it.


pakosta said...

has your school ever done an art fundraiser!? we did this last year using SQUARE ONE and it rocked! we were able to buy coffee mugs, book bags, notecards etc. with our children's artwork! it was a HUGE success! suggest it to your schoOL!
i can't stand those other types of fundraisers! esp. we have over 900 homes in our subdivision and EVERYONE is trying to sell us the same things we are selling ! tara

essie said...

they do get it, honey, they do.

tell jack that esther and tony said: "be the change you want to see in the world, Jack, be the change."

then tell him to google Ghandi...he'll get it.


gabbyfek said...